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Council appoints interim recorder

By Staff | Jan 15, 2014


Staff Writer

At a special meeting on Jan. 7, Sistersville Council unanimously voted to appoint Paden City resident Brenda Weekly as interim recorder. Weekly will complete the unfinished appointment of former Recorder Julie Schleier, whose resignation letter was accepted at the Dec. 19 special meeting and whose last day in the position was Jan. 3.

“(Councilman) Mark Klages got her resume a couple weeks ago and gave it to all the council people,” said Mayor Ann Doig, further explaining that they will be looking for a recorder who lives in city limits.

Following her appointment as recorder, Weekly typed the minutes of the meeting and presented them to council for their immediate approval. Council unanimously approved the minutes in order to make her role as recorder official, allowing her to sign city documents and handle her assigned duties.

When asked after the meeting about non-residents who have previously held the position, Mayor Doig explained that the city is seeking to employ a citizen of Sistersville in order to comply with its charter. The charter states that appointed officers must be residents. She also said that the West Virginia Municipal League suggested hiring someone interim until the next annual appointment in April.

For that purpose, the city is currently accepting resumes for the position of recorder. An ad for the position has been placed in the legal section of the Tyler Star News.

City officials present at the meeting were Mayor Doig, Recorder Weekly, and Council Members Bill Rice, Phil Konopacky, Mitch Corley, Richard Long, and Craig Pritchett.