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Commission discusses programs

By Staff | Jul 3, 2013

The Tyler County Commission approved the applications of multiple grants, heard from various agencies, and determined the status of several programs at its June 25 meeting.

Rosemary Guida of Workforce West Virginia (WFWV) attended the meeting, explaining that WFWV experienced a 19 percent budget cut for the 2013-14 fiscal year and would therefore be unable to fund next year’s summer youth program.

As for this year’s summer youth program, she reported that they had 60 participants and that Tyler County currently has two youths working at Sistersville General Hospital, where their responsibilities are general maintenance, mowing, weedeating, and painting. The summer youth program allows youths in the community to enter jobs where they are needed.

Melody Glasscock, who was recently appointed as director of the Tyler-Wetzel Child Advocacy Center (CAC) on a contracted basis for the month of June, returned with updates. She informed the commission that she had submitted bills from the previous director in an attempt to receive reimbursements.

When Commission Vice President Eric Vincent mentioned that several of those receipts were questionable and did not meet the commission’s policy of payment, Glasscock stated that she will be speaking with the CAC in Charleston in order to “work out the bugs” with grant issues.

The commission moved to reapply for the courthouse facilities improvement grant, which has previously been denied. They feel that renovations are needed to the upstairs courtroom in order to resolve safety issues. They also signed a resolution for the Josephs Mills Community Association Grant in the amount of $7,500, which will pay for improvements to the Josephs Mills Community Center.

They also authorized Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Director Tom Cooper to submit the application for a $26,000 Homeland Security Grant through the West Virginia State Administration Agency. According to Cooper, the grant has already been verbally approved for Tyler County OEM.

After months of deliberation, the commission turned down the offer presented by Greg Jadwin of AirEvac. The offer would have covered airlift charges for any Tyler County resident taken by AirEvac medical helicopter from Tyler County or any adjoining counties. They stated that, although they liked the idea, the funds were not currently available to pay for it. At a meeting in March, Jadwin had indicated the cost would be about $6.25 to $6.50 per resident to cover each resident.

The commission approved Sheriff Bob Kendle’s request to donate an old cruiser to the New Martinsville Police Department (NMPD). Reportedly, the vehicle’s engine would require more money to fix than is cost effective, and the NMPD has the same type of vehicle with a rusted body yet good engine.

The commissioners denied a request to place a portable restroom in or around the courthouse parking lot for line standers and abstractors, stating that they did not feel it was appropriate for county property.

Commission President John Stender spoke on behalf of Antero Resources (Antero) regarding a contract for the scanning of records. He reported that Antero is still waiting for more companies to sign on and help with funding.

Stender commended the work of new 4H Extension Agent Natasha Richardson for improvements which have been made.

In other 4H news, the commission approved the purchase of a weedeater for an approximate amount of $550, stating that Ace Hardware is giving them a discount of $60.

Following the reading of a letter in which the Tyler County Solid Waste Authority reappointed Linda Hoover to the board, the commission also approved the appointing.

In house budget revisions were made for the County Commission, Elections, County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, and the OEM. The commission approved the minutes of their June 11 meeting, exonerations, the clerk’s fiduciary report, and the paying of bills.