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Sidenstricker, Rice sworn in

By Staff | Apr 14, 2010

Two new council members joined the ranks in Sistersville on Monday evening as Mayor Dave Fox officially swore in Bill Rice and Joleen Sidenstricker.

Rice will represent the 2nd ward and Sidenstricker the 4th ward. Ann Doig was also sworn in to serve the 3rd ward for a four year term.

Water Board Chairman Allan Maxwell reported on the highly anticipated water project scheduled to begin this spring. Under the scope of the project, water lines will be installed in the Klondike and Virginia Terrace areas, with water tanks to be installed on Wood Street.

Both projects will be funded through grants monies and low interest loans.

MOVRC Grant Coordinator Tim Meeks attended the meeting to seek a motion to draw down money from the grant funds to pay invoices incurred in the initial phases of the water project. The council voted to approve the drawn down.

Fox reappointed Dave Bassett to the position of city commissioner; Diana Mace as city clerk; and Dave Howell as chief of police.

Council members will be appointed to various committees in the upcoming months. The appointments come in the aftermath of city elections.

The council asked for clarification of the city’s zoning ordinance. According to Fox, anyone wishing to live in an apartment in the business district must first complete an application and then obtain permission from the City. The same holds true for businesses operating in the residential areas of Sistersville.

“The ordinance is to protect the residents,” commented Fox in his explanation.

The City of Sistersville has enlisted the aid of former New Martinsville Building Inspector Dave White to combat and inspect deteiortated buildings in the city. White will serve as a consultant.

In the coming weeks, Sistersville will gear up for Spring. Fox reported that Tyler Consolidated will donate flowers to the City to be used in hanging baskets and planters. Joberta White also donated money toward the purchase of additional flowers for the downtown district.

A committee has been established to plan a new festival for the city. Sistersville Heritage Day has been slated for June 5, with a pageant, yard sale, craft sale and car show planned.

Fox said, “We are hoping it’s something we can build on.”

Sistersville has obtained a $25,000 Community Partnership Grant to be used for improvements and repairs in the gymnasium at the old Sistersville High School.

The Sistersville City Council meets at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of the month. All meetings are open to the public.