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Davis breaks down the budget

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010


Staff Writer

The Tyler County Board of Education met to review the findings from the budget workshop on Monday evening.

Jeff Davis, treasurer for the board, gave a slide show presentation.

Under the current expense fund, the proposed revenue for 2010-11 school year is expected to be 59.85 percent in state allocations which is $8,561,483, local revenue is expected to be 35.17 percent at $5,031,357 and carryover to be 4.98 percent which is $14,305,428.

Under the carryover funds, Davis said that from this year to next year there is an increase of $60,791. He also talked about the expenditure summary for the 2010-11 school year. The total salaries and costs are $11,349,598 with utilities costing coming in at $519,510, clearing accounts at $297,470 and all other coming in at $2,138,850. The salaries and fixed costs are for professionals, service, sub professional, sub service, board members, reserve salaries, and contracted salaries.

Davis informed the board members that under the medicaid which is budgeted in Fund 11 and is included in the preliminary budget for the second straight year. He stated there is $325,000 in revenue and the total amount in carryover is $380,000.

The board members were impressed with the medicaid summary.

“That is a nice cushion”, said Linda Hoover.

Under the Public Library funding, Davis informed the board that the Sistersville Public Library received $12,300 and the recommendation from state funding came in at $3,933. The Middlebourne Public Library received $7,000 and the recommendation from state funding came in at a total of $2,394.

The current allocation for the WVU Extension is $18,800 and the current year funded through the state for the Public Resource Officer at Tyler Consolidated for 2010-11 second year of funding we fund 75 percent of PRO position. The Board share is $32,000.

The Special Revenue is a fund used to account for legally restricted purposes such as State and Federal grants that are funded for Title One, Step 7 and other programs at the schools. The proposed revenue for this fund is expected to be 80.85 percent.

Title One is a federal program that provides supplementary services in reading and math. Schools qualify based on the number of free and reduced students. Step 7 is used for the improvement of instructional programs. It is 25 percent funds can be used for personnel and the proposed allocation for next year is $303,289. The Staff Development allocations are $4,662 and service staff development is $1,461.

The school bus replacement is also under the Special Revenue. It is designed for the replacement of school buses. The proposed allocation for it is $183,936. This should allow for the funding of two new buses.

The Title II program is for preparing, training and recruiting high quality teachers and principals. It may use 50 percent of these funds to provide CSR teachers, however, the schools targeted must have the lowest portion of highly qualified teachers, have the largest average class size, or be identified for school improvement. The estimated allocation for this program is $114,127.

The Federal Special Education allocation is $367,848 and 100 percent of this allocation is for salaries or contracted positions.

Davis also spoke about was the Child Nutrition revenue. The expected county contribution for next year is $297,470. That is an increase from last year which was $285,830. Davis also informed the members that this does not include the summer feeding programs and the snack programs. The food costs and labor costs have gone up slightly and it does not include donated food either.

The board members commented Davis on a job well done in regard to the budget workshop presentation.

In other business, the board members reported on the recent Ham and Bacon Show held at Tyler Consolidated. George Hilvers, a senior, went to Charleston and won state grand champion for his ham. It was also reported that the show brought in a total of $55,000.

Also Thomas Martin, a custodian at Tyler Consolidated High School is retiring after 33 years of service.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, April 12 at 7 p.m. at the Tyler County Board of Education Office located at Tyler Consolidated High School.