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Updates given to Board of Education

By Staff | Mar 17, 2010

Roseanne Eastham and Carol Ann Kucharski attended at the Tyler County Board of Education meeting on Monday evening to request funding toward upgrading the Middlebourne Public Library.

Eastham, who serves as the director of the Middlebourne Library, said when the library sponsors craft night for area children, it is crowded and she stressed that they need more room.

“We’re here this year asking for funding to expand the library”, said Eastham.

Last year, the Board of Education awarded $7,000 to the public library. She also said that the state funding wants the local communities to match it.

Kucharski added,” The public wanted the library, they should help fund it.”

No decision was reached but Jeff Davis, Treasurer, said he would introduce it at the next budget meeting.

J.C.. Kimble, ALOP coordinator, was also at the meeting and gave the quarterly report on attendance for the months of January, Feburary and March. He currently has two students in the program. In January, both students missed school; no days were missed in February; so far only two days have been missed.

ALOP, or Alternative Learning Opportunities Programs, offer educational support and other support services not provided in regular school programs.

Amanda Kimble, director of Child Nutrition and Support Services, gave several updates to the board members. She said that the 2010 Regional Social Studies Fair went very well this year. Three students from Tyler Consolidated Middle School received first place awards and will advance to the State Social Studies Fair.

She also reported that seven students received second place awards, two received third place awards and two received honorable mention.

“The wealth of knowledge at these fairs is amazing”, said Kimble.

She also told them Math Field Day was held at the West Virginia University at Parkersburg, and one TCMS student, Charlie McNees, received third place overall in the contest.

Also on her list of updates, Kimble addressed the problem with geese around the school. According to Kimble, Preventive Resource Officer Scott Dalrymple, is assisting her in finding a solution to the problem. She stated they are looking into purchasing decoys to put in place around the football field to try and keep the geese away.

“It’s now a health and safety issue”, said Kimble.

They are also working with the Department of Natural Resources to get permits.

Kimble also reported that FEMA has snow removal funding that is available. After researching, Kimble reported she found $4,500 in lost expenses of food that they lost during the winter due to lost school days.

Under Davis’s report, he proposed to hire Bob’s Roofing to replace the roof on the school. The cost for the new roof will be $741,392.

The next regular board of education meeting will be held on April 12 at 7 p.m. at the Tyler County Board of Education Office at Tyler Consolidated High School.