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Commission enters contract with Risk Pool

By Staff | Feb 10, 2010

After a lengthy debate, the Tyler County commissioners decided to enter the West Virginia Risk Pool on Tuesday morning at their regular meeting.

Steve Rawlings, representing the WV Risk Pool, attended the meeting and gave the commissioners more information about the insurance coverage they were considering. After an extensive review that lasted several months, the commissioners decided that the Risk Pool would be the best option. The contract with the Risk Pool will begin in on April 1 of this year.

“I look forward to working with you all,” said Rawlings.

Ken Beezley from Arbor Metrics also attended the meeting and presented the commissioners with updates on the mapping and addressing on the county roadways. He said they have not had any major problems with getting this done.

He reported that Sistersville and Alma areas are now finished and they are planning to start in Middlebourne and New Martinsville next.

This system will help with the emergency services within the county.

He also said after all of this work is complete, they plan to make a map of the county with the names of all county roadways. The map will be posted in the courthouse for the public to view.

James Ash, from the Conservation District and Norman Bailey, Supervisor of the Little Kanawha RC&D was also on hand at the meeting to present the benefits of this non-profit organization.

He told the commissioners they are working on walking and hiking trails at Northbend Rails to Trails and also at Mountwood Park.

They also have a warehouse in Parkersburg that gets in truck loads of what ever comes in, anything from clothes, office furniture, food, to books.

The non-profit organizations that come to them were having problems getting things they needed. This activity solved that problem.

If an organization calls and lets them know what is needed, they can notify the companies that have it and most likely get it for them.

Bailey said there are 32 non profit organizations in Tyler County that use their service.

He stated that organizations fill out a list of supplies which are needed and they find it for them.

There is no cost for the merchandise that comes in, but donations are accepted.

Joni McCrobie, Child Advocate, attended the meeting asking for a resolution on grant documents. The commissioners approved the Crime Act Program.

They also approved a grant request in the amount of $5,707 for filing equipment for the Prosecutor’s Office.

The commissioners will only have to match ten percent of the funding.