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Use a stick

By Staff | Jan 27, 2010

Those of us who live in communities along waterways, such as the Ohio River, Middle Island Creek and the like are always just a little bit wary when we receive a little more snow and rain than we are used to, especially at this time of the year. We listen to what the weather man has to say, keep an eye to the “cresting” stages and in these parts are even known to gauge the rising of the water ourselves with a stick or a mark on a building or wall.

We do this, because we’ve learned from experience that Mother Nature does not always follow the path precisely as the weather experts predict she will. When experts have said flooding is not to be expected, we’ve been flooded. When they have said that the water will crest at a certain height, the water often times rises above it.

Though it is the responsibility of weather experts to provide us, the public, with warnings and forecasts of significant weather events, we must not rely on them solely. Who knows our own creeks and streams better than we do? Who knows the danger signals better than those of us who have seen them before and dealt with the damage left behind?

Severe flooding and flash floods happen, and more often than not, they are not predicted.

Let us all be aware of our own surroundings here in the next few weeks. The melting snow and ice along with the recent and coming rains and the run-off from the hillsides are sure to swell our streams, creeks as well as the river. Better to be safe than sorry.

Use a stick if you have to.