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Civil war monument is planned

By Staff | Jan 20, 2010

Sistersville resident Bob Tippins is heading up a project to place a Civil War Memorial at the Tyler County Courthouse to honor Tyler Countians who fought in the Civil War.

Tippins and Larry Howard have been credited for spearheading the funding behind the project of putting two benches commentrating the ‘Geatest Generation’ of Americans, the Pacific Theater of War and the European Theater of War at the Tyler County Courthouse in December.

“I have been in charge of putting the other ones out there” Tippins said.

“Now it is time to put a Civil War monument out there to honor the people and veterans of Tyler County.”

The state of West Virginia was formed out of western Virginia and added to the Union as a direct result of the American Civil War.

In the summer of 1861, Union troops under General George McCellan drove off Confederate troops under General Robert E. Lee.

This action freed Unionists in the northwestern counties of Virginia to form their own government as a result of the Wheeling Convention.

West Virginia became the 35th state of the Union on June 20, 1863.

Created in the midst of the Civil War, West Virginia provided 31,872 regular army troops, 133 sailors and marines, and 196 United States Colored Troops.

“We would not have the state of West Virginia if it would not have been for the Civil War,” commented Tippins.

“It is only right that these veterans are recognized for their service.”

The Monument for the Civil War will be placed at the Court House in Middlebourne with names of those men and women who served in the Civil War.

If any of the following names are ancestors of Tyler Countians today, or if anyone knows of a Tyler Countian who fought in the Civil War, they are asked call Bob Tippins at 304-652-1557 to discuss putting these veterans names on the planned monument.

Some of the names possibly being added to the monument are: Adams, Allen, Archer, Ash, Baker, Beagle, Brown, Campbell, Carpenter, Cooper, Cox, Davis, Dawson, Doak, Eddy, Evans, Forester, Fox, Furbee, Gorrell, Grim, Harter, Haught, Hayes, Henderson, Johnson, Joy, Kearns, Kimble, Lewis, Long, McIntyre, Martin, Mayfield, Nichols, Rice, Rockwell, Rose, Smith, Spencer, Tennant, Underwood, Weekley, Yost.

Anyone that is interested in placing their ancestor’s name on the monument should act now to ensure that these veterans are not forgotten.

The above listed names are only a partial list of the last names that have been submitted thus far.