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Additional days added to calendar

By Staff | Jan 20, 2010

Tyler County Schools Superintendent, Jeff Hoover, recently announced the following statement pretaining to school days missed due to sickness and inclement weather by students attending Tyler County Schools.

“The Tyler County School system finds itself having to schedule additional instructional days to make up for lost instructional time due to school cancellations for bad weather and the swine flu.”

WV Code 18-5-45 requires school districts to make up “snow days” with available time after March 1st of each year.

Tyler County Schools has four such “conversion” days built into their calendar.

All of the available four days must be converted due to school cancellations on Nov. 9 and 10, Dec. 21, and Jan. 4 through 8. Therefore, April 8 and 9 and June 4 and 7 have been converted to instructional days where students must attend.

Parents are alerted to this change in calendar.

Any days missed after the four available are converted are not required to be made up.

Call the school at 304-758-9000 for information.