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Donations made to VFW flag fund

By Staff | Nov 16, 2011

This past summer, a flag fund was designated by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary in an effort to ensure that every pole in Sistersville had a flag on it for Veterans Day and all future flag holidays.

The community responded with characteristic enthusiasm to support the project. In honor of Veteran’s Day, the newly purchased flags were hung in honor of local veterans and veterans worldwide. Those who contributed are as follows.

Donations – In memory: Austin Babe (Penny Kehrer); SFC Henry Bacon (Teresa Turner and family); Brad Barnard (Alma Barnard); Henry Bell (Bell Chevrolet); Virginia Boley (American Legion #67); Howard and Minnie Bacon (Teresa Turner and children); Jack Bowen (H.P.S. LLC); Gary Boyd (Connie Boyd); Nancy Buchanan (Judy Ferrebee); Bill Camey (Colleen Folger); Harold Clark (D. Smith, D. Wharton, M. Lohri, B. Burein); Jerry Cornell (Otto Smith); Debra Cox (Ray Cox); E. Creighton and Bob Mellott (Judith Creighton);

Frank Demkovich and Roy Owens (Lorraine Owens); May Doig Gilleland and Joseph Doig, Sr. (Colin and Ann Doig); Alton Drain (Tom and Deb Doig); Courtney Evans (Donnie and Joann Evans); C. Melvin founds (Mr. and Mrs. R. Wable); Elnore Fox (Clara Hadley); Ruth Gilligan (Mr. and Mrs. T. Giligan); Rob “Doc” Grimm (Carmen Silliman); Denver Hadley (Clara Hadley); Alden Haught (H.P.S. LLC); Glenn Hayes (H.P.S. LLC); Robert Herbold (Herbold family); Eugene J. Hester (Mr. and Mrs. R. Wable); Clarance Hickman (Betty Prigga); Howard Hill (Theresa Drain); James W. Hissim (Connie Shreves) Roger Hissam (Connie Shreves); Paul Keller, Sr. (Teresa Turner and children); Cheryl Leasure (Jim Barnhart); Lloyd Lewis and Nancy Patterson (American Legion #67);

Rolland Locke (Mary “Nan” Locke); Carl Maxwell (David/Skelly Maxwell); James McEowen (Herbie, Harold, and Jimmy McEowen); John B. Miller (Carmilla Miller); Harold Miller (Joe Miller); Carmine Napoli (Dave and Lisa Fox); Paul Wells Neueschwander (Mr. and Mrs. R. Wable); Robert T. Neueschwander (Rindy Carnerlin, Scott and Bob Wable) (Mr. and Mrs. R. Wable); Robert T. Neueschander II (Mr. and Mrs. R. Wable); Kenneth Owens and Kahle Owens, Jr. (Delbert Owens and Doris Bassett); Jim B. Oyler (Debbie Oyler);

Carolyn Placer (Judy Ferrebee); Harold K. Prigga, Sr. (Betty Prigga); Harold K. Prigga, Jr. (Betty Prigga); Fred Quinif (Ruth Quinif); Ronald A. Reed (Connie Shreves); Byron Seagrave, Sr. (American Legion #67); Margaret Shuman (Stewart and Gale Bradfield); Danny Smith (Sue Smith); Daniel E. Smith (Charles and Sarah Smith); Harold E. Smith (Charles and Sarah Smith); Jack S. Smith ( Charles and Sarah Smith); Ruth Smith (American Legion #67) (Clara Hadley); John Snider, Sr. (Sandi McEowen, Connie Harris, Robert Snider and John Snider, Jr.);

Charles H. and Charles M. Sperry (Jim and Catherine Cavezza); William and Everett Sperry (Jim and Catherine Cavezza); Victor Starcher (H.P.S. LLC); Pete Sterns (Jan Sterns); Kenneth Stewart (American Legion #67); Howard Sutton (Becky Sutton); Jan Phillip Swiger (Joan Swiger); Robert Tippins (Penny Kehrer); SSG Roger Tuner, Jr. (Teresa Turner and children);

In memory of all veterans (VFW Post 6327); Caroll Vincent (Barbara Vincent); Glen Wright (D. Smith, D. Wharton, M. Lohrie and B. Buerin); In memory of our soldiers (Women’s Club of Sistersville); Charles, Roger and George Wickham (Larry and Dorothy Wickham); and Mona R. Wetzel (American Legion #67).

Donations- in Honor of: Steven Chaplin (H.Ray and Judy Cooper); Colin Doig (Ann Doig); Tom Doig (Colin and Ann Doig); Tim L. Miller (Colin and Ann Doig); Neil Munoz (Colin and Ann Doig); Leonard G. Drain (Tom and Deb Doig); SMSG James D. Ferrebee, Jr. (Genelle Ferrebee); William Gilligan (Mr. and Mrs. T. Gilligan); Delbert Owens (Doris Bassett); George Watson (Mrs. Patricia Watson); All Veterans (Clara Hadley); All Veterans (Joseph and Valerie Jones); All Veterans (Carolyn and Curtis Landis); All Military and Veterans (Linda Leasure); Veterans and Military (Jim and Barbara Hammel); Sistersville General Hospital Service People (Becky, Tamara, Brenda, Anna and Karen); Local Veterans (Tyler Wetzel Newspapers) All Veterans and Current Military (Collen and Joseph Griffith.

Donations contributed by: Larry Beck; Elaine Berger; Curtis Daub; Colin and Ann Doig; First Federal; Judy Ferrebee; John Gaughan; Mrs. Grimm; Larry Howard and Rose Herman; Mike McKay; Martha Michaels; Lloyd Miller; Tyler County Republican Women; Gene Rice; Dave Shrineal; Robert Wable; Silent Auction; and Jars around town.