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Wetzel Commissioners Respond to Air Evac Decision

By Staff | Oct 6, 2021

From well before my five years as a commissioner, there has been good history with Air Evac. The commission has had a wonderful relationship with AE employees and proudly supported their services.

I know many members of the general public are very upset about their recent news to leave our area and no one is more upset than the past and currents commissioners. We fought long and hard to keep AE here when the affiliation, management, and acquisition with WVU hospital took place. We felt strongly that our citizens needed this service for their physical and financial protection hence the reason we engaged in purchasing the membership year after year for each citizen (except for those elected officials that weren’t eligible including us).

Actually, keeping AE was one of the very few things Commissioner Larry Lemon, Commissioner Bob Gorby, and I fought for. We were very happy with their service and hoped to continue our relationship for years to come.

However, the unfortunate news that landed upon the current commissioners on Tuesday was quite shocking. Air Evac representatives were calling, and in our office, almost immediately. They wanted us to know everything asap due to the wonderful support we’ve given them for years. We listened intently as they spoke of low reimbursements in WV, lack of flights, what measures were being taken for misplaced employees and that paperwork would be sent out for rebates aka refunds. Although, we understand that every business needs the necessary revenue to survive, we were saddened. Our people deserve great and necessary medical service!

Although there may not be much we can do in this instance, I assure you that Commissioner Morris, Commissioner McBee, and I will be engaging in every possible venture to get Wetzel County back on the map in this area. We thank Air Evac for their wonderful service and hope to find something just as wonderful in the near future.

Lisa L Heasley, President of The Wetzel County Commission