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Queen of the Mississippi Passes Through Sistersville

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Oct 6, 2021

Queen of the Mississippi Passing Through Sistersville

The Queen of the Mississippi made an early morning wake-up call arriving in Sistersville Wednesday, September 30th before many residents were aware she was down bound on her way to Marietta from Pittsburgh, eventually ending her itinerary in St. Louis, MO. She has passed through our community several times this summer, but most visits were blanketed in fog or in the middle of the night making it hard for residents to see her size and beauty. That all changed today when blue skies and bright sunshine welcomed her into town as Ferry Boat Captain Bo Hause recorded her passing and shared it on Facebook. By Wednesday evening the video had over 8000 views and 132 shares.

The Queen, originally named the American Eagle, is an overnight riverboat owned and operated by American Cruise Lines that entered service in the spring of 2015. This was her last trip of the season traveling the Ohio River to Pittsburgh. Once she makes it to St. Louis she will head south back to New Orleans via the mighty Mississippi. Don’t stay away too long, Queen. We all look forward to seeing you again in the spring of 2022. BonVoyage!