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Demo Begins

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Sep 15, 2021

Demolition of Dr Thrasher’s Old Office

The demolition of a well known building that served the community for many years took place this past week on Tuesday the 7th. Countless numbers of patients will recall spending time inside its walls seeking help for a variety of illnesses. I am referencing Dr. Thrasher’s old office at the north end of Sistersville on WV State Route 2.

Lana Williamson and Linda Walters, owners of the property, had the house razed due to concerns over interior deterioration. Ruth Dearth, Lana’s mother, purchased the old Thrasher office building which was next to their home over 30 years ago for $2500 on the courthouse steps. Purchasing the house provided the family with access to their driveway. The doorbell on the front of the house said “Ring bell for Doctor.” Lana saved the sign and explained that there were many items in the house they were able to collect before the demolition. Empire Builders completed the razing of the building for the ladies.

Our community struggles with abandoned and dilapidated buildings. We wish to thank Lana and Linda for being responsible property owners and responding proactively to help our town look its best.