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Tyler County Local Emergency Planning Commission Meets

By Staff | Aug 18, 2021

Local members of the LEPC met on Thursday, August 12, in Middlebourne at the senior center with Tyler County Emergency Manager Tom Cooper for updates and planning on the committee activities.

The group enjoyed breakfast sponsored by Anthony Campbell prior to conducting business. The first order of business on the agenda was discussion of grants. Cooper explained his office is seeking funding through grants to to provide an install a two-sided LED message board for the Middlebourne Senior Center. Also Cooper’s office is working with the Huntington Port Security regarding grants for river ports in Paden City and Sistersville, which will include security lighting and camera’s. The grants have a 25 percent match if the projects are over $25,000. Cooper said they are working to break the projects down into smaller amounts to avoid the matching portion of the grants.

Under Training 29 students recently attended a crime scene preservation class for SAR/LE held at WVNCC and taught by the West Virginia State Police. Cooper said the class went well. Search and Rescue field training was held at Paden City with 23 students present. The training included Boats, Jet Skis, K-9s and Drones. Cooper said it was a busy day.

A training session with the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center had to be cancelled due to the recent Delta Covid breakout which allows no outside training at this time from them.

Under Planning; the Review/revise “Annex A direction and control” plan for 2021, has let to happen. Cooper stated the committee is supposed to help with this.

Cooper said a workshop with the EPA utilizing Area Rae air monitoring equipment is in the works. He said he spoke with Kevin Clark from the EPA and they hope to have the workshop setup in time for the next LEPC meeting or sometime shortly thereafter. He said they are also looking into Media Tech Virtual Tabletop exercise design software which he is hoping to see the LEPC purchase this type software. He said it would allow for better viewing of each exercise scheduled.

Projects under way include the Wetzel/Tyler Health Department holding weekly COVID vaccination clinics at their office in Paden City every Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon. No Registration is needed. They are also taking appointments for school vaccinations by calling 304-337-2001.

RAD-X Teams will be doing COVID testing every Wednesday at the Sistersville VFD from 11 a.m. til 3 p.m.

The office of Emergency Management is continuing to work towards the transfer of the large boat from Marietta to the county. There are still a few hold ups but progress is continuing.

Guest Speaker on Thursday was Tony Edwards Warning coordination meteorologist from the Charleston National Weather Service. Edwards spoke about changes made to warnings including heat and humidity, heat stroke, flash flooding, and severe thunderstorms warnings. He said cell warnings have changed some and mostly occur in only dangerous situations like swift water emergencies, tornadoes, severe storm warnings with lightning strikes and such. He also spoke about the highest recorded snow falls in the area, highest winds and tornadoes. According to Edwards Tyler County receives it’s warnings from Charleston and Wetzel County receives theirs from Pittsburgh.

The next LEPC meeting will be held at the Tyler County Senior Center on September 2, at 9 a.m.