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Sistersville City Council Discuss Property Matters

By Hannah Morris - Staff Writer | Aug 18, 2021

The Sistersville City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, August 9. After the Pledge of Allegiance and the approval of the minutes, Mayor Bill Rice opened the floor for a public forum.

Kenneth Roberts approached council questioning where the property lines are. The city will be taking ownership of a parcel of land adjacent to their house and it is unknown if their garage will be on the city’s property. Once the surveryor’s work is complete, a final answer will be given.

Council is addressing complaints and concerns with town beautification. Letters have been sent to property owners who have fallen trees, blocked sidewalks or have neglected mowing their lawns. The city will take any further action as needed. Additionally, Mayor Rice has requested $20,000 from the County Commission for a countywide clean-up/demolition project.

The Park and Pool Board reported that the pool was in operation from June 8 to August 8; the pool was open 55 days and closed six days due to weather or lack of staffing. Their average total of people per day was 77.5. They requested pool restoration, as chunks of concrete in the pool have fallen out; they said a professional repaint and repair is needed. They are planning on holding fundraisers to help fund the project.

Due to repaving and new sidewalks, the oil derricks on Diamond Street will be relocated. Once they are removed, the DOH will not allow them to be replaced because of ADA compliancy.

In other paving news, Route 2 is supposed to be repaved starting Monday, August 16.

Council gave permission for the 53rd West Virginia Oil and Gas Festival that will be held September 16, 17 and 18.

Dominion Hope was denied permission to tear up pavement for their project.

Instead, they will be digging up sidewalks from Subway to Urban Street and replacing them. This project will begin within the next couple of weeks.

As for the American Rescue Plan Funding, Council member Chuck Heinlein asked council to come to an agreement on what they should spend the money on. The money can only be spent on Water, Sewer and Broadband; the city is required to be very transparent with what they are spending the money on.