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Paden City Council Meeting

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Aug 11, 2021

The Paden City Common Council met in regular session on Monday, August 2, 2021 at 7:00 PM in the council chambers of the municipal building. Following the Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance led by Mayor Kastigar, the minutes from the July 12, 2021 regular council meeting were approved.

Under Citizens Comments, Susan Wade addressed council inquiring if $3,500 had been budgeted for Labor Day. She said it was a normal budget item and since they didn’t use it last year, she was wondering if it was available for this year. Mayor Kastigar assured her that the funds would be available.

Another question regarding the AT&T Tower progress was asked, and the mayor said that things were moving along. The ball was now in the hands of AT&T, but Paden City has approved the placement of the tower.

Fred Fox expressed a concern about a sink hole near his driveway. He explained that after a heavy rain, the hole fills with water and makes turning into his driveway difficult. Council said they would look into filling the hole.

Also, Frank Walter called to ask if the city could put up a no parking sign in the alley on Union Street. Frank is concerned with the amount of cars parking in the alley and believes there is a drug problem. Police Chief Lauer said he is aware of the area, and a sign should be no problem. It was reported that things are moving forward in the city water project. The water line running to the high school is a priority to be completed before school starts. Council approved a 4th drawdown for the water project in the amount of $126,808.78.

An update on the $450,000 soft costs for the sewer project was presented by Mayor Kastigar. The Mayor explained that the American Rescue Funds cannot be used as matching funds. Therefore, council has reached out to Wetzel County Commissioners as well as the City of Paden City and the Tyler County Commission asking each to contribute $150,000 to make up this cost. So far, Wetzel County Commissioners have agreed and Paden City has also come up with the requested funds. Tyler County Commissioners needed a few clarifications prior to making a decision concerning their part of the contribution. The Mayor said he would have more information following the next Tyler County Commission meeting. The Mayor also reported the city has received their portion of the American Rescue Funds in the amount of $575,000.

Josh Billiter, who was unable to attend due to a water leak in an abandoned line, sent a note to council stating the water line on Jefferson Street needs replaced. The cost is $8,500 to replace and $19,500 to re-pave the street. The cost of re-paving will be split between the water department and the street paving fund. Council gave the approval to begin the work, pending the street paving fund had sufficient funds available. Josh also requested permission to purchase a $2,200 portable air compressor for the tool truck. Council agreed that anything up to $5,000 does not need their approval and as long as it was within his budget he could go ahead and replace the air compressor.

Police Chief Anthony Lauer approached council requesting the city purchase a new police cruiser through the general fund. The cost of the new cruiser is $47,754 which includes everything to set the cruiser up. Council approved the purchase pending availability of funds and the finance committee’s approval. The Finance committee will report back to council at their next meeting. Chief Lauer next discussed a proposed increase to the police officer pay scale requesting $1.25 per hour. He explained that in order to be competitive with surrounding cities the pay scale needed to be increased. He is currently one officer short which requires overtime. The chief is concerned paying several months of overtime could put him over his budget. By increasing the pay scale he believes they will be able to hire and keep officers in the city, and eliminate the need to pay overtime wages. Council agreed that if the funds are available in the police’s budget, the pay raise would be effective August 1.

Under Park & Pool, it was reported that a new mower had been purchased with a much wider deck decreasing the mow time at the park from a previous 4 to 5 days down to 3. This will save the city money in the long run. Also, there is need to add power to to the electric service at the park. Bee Electric has submitted a quote of $4,400 to improve the service. The council siad it is a priority to make sure the two upcoming festivals, Marble Fest and Labor Day celebration, have sufficient power.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Paden City Council is September 6 at 7:00 in the council chambers of the Municipal building.