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Escape from the Ordinary

By Staff | Aug 11, 2021

Ribbon Cutting held for Escape Room

Kari and David Dinardo are just a typical couple from New Martinsville, except they have an enigmatic obsession. The Dinardos have fallen in love with escape rooms. Escape rooms have been around since 2007, an evolution of LARP (Live Action Role Playing) and True Dungeons, the first escape rooms appeared in Asia and quickly began to spread around the globe.

Escape rooms present a series of puzzles, cypher and riddles players must solve in order to exit the room and complete a mission. Most escape rooms have a theme and a back story which will provide clues and context for those attempting to “escape.” Today, it is estimated that there are about 50,000 escape rooms around the world today. Fight or Flight Escapes is one of the newest entries into this growing market.

Fight or Flight Escapes is a passion project of the Dinardos. They decided they wanted to share their love of escape rooms with the local community, so, over the winter, in the middle of COVID-19, they rented a building at 310 Main St in downtown New Martinsville and they started building and designing puzzles. Finally, this summer, their dream has become a reality and their escape rooms are ready to go!

Currently, there are two different escape scenarios available for patrons of Fight or Flight Escapes. One room, “Decades of Searching,” will take players back in time to search the past for clues about the origins of time travel. The other room, “The Plague Doctor,” has players racing against time to escape before the maniacal plague doctor returns and completes his vicious plan.

Both rooms provide players with a 60-minute clock to race against, and those who finish before time runs out can get their picture on the internet and might find themselves on the leader board.

The Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce recently held a ribbon-cutting for the new business. “We had a chance to go through the Decades (of Searching) room and we had a blast,” said Brian Rogers, with the Chamber. “We had an opportunity to do one of these in Parkersburg and this experience was far beyond what we had there. I hope everyone supports this new business because it is exactly the sort of thing we need. For everyone who says, ‘there is nothing to do here,’ well, here is your something to do.”

The Dinardos plan on periodically changing the themes of both rooms, so your time is limited to check out the current themes. You can book your parties time on their website www.fightorflightescapes.com or call (304) 451-0845 and email dinardo@fightorflightescapes.com. Bookings are available on Wednesday – Sunday