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Sistersville Holds Special Meeting

By Hannah Morris - Staff Writer | Aug 4, 2021

On Monday, July 26, Sistersville City Council met briefly to discuss and approve the budget and drawdown number nine of the Water Project. The first item on the agenda was a Notice of Award. This includes the water meters, which was being held off to award the installation with a price of about $40,000. The total amount is about $275,000 for the Badger water meters, which use technology that will allow the city to see if the meters are being tampered with or if there are any leaks or problems in the lines. Due to concerns of cyberattacks, the question of whether or not the meters will have the ability to be shut off remotely was answered. The new meters can only be shut off or turned back on manually. Mayor Rice ensured council that there will be no unread water meters after the upgrade; this will prevent stolen water and alert the city of unusual water readings.

The substantial completion deadline was set for June first, however, the project is still ongoing; the booster station is set to be installed on Thursday, July 29. An issue that was brought up from the very beginning of the project was that they have never had a contractor work five 10-hour days as Litman has; the budget was planned for a 40 hour work week. This has led to over six months of 10 hours of overtime each week and hotel stays for the inspector, as well as additional design work. An additional engineering fee of $46,700 has been acquired due to the extra hours and other additional expenses.

The Water Project drawdown number nine was approved with a total of $84,426.13. Another expense that was discussed was for new accounting software. To purchase the software, it will cost about $77,000, with ongoing costs of $19,000. Quotes for other software have also been received, so it was tabled for a future meeting for further discussion.