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Sistersville Pool Offering Swim With a Lifeguard Program

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Jul 21, 2021

Lifeguard Samantha Melvin

The Sistersville Pool held its first ever “Swim With A Guard” hour this week. The purpose of this new service is to get kids more familiar with the water, practice perfecting their aquatic skills and learn safe swimming practices while under direct supervision of one of the pool’s certified lifeguards. Eleven kids participated in the classes. Children were placed in groups of four, based on age and/or skills. Parents MUST STAY and SUPERVISE their children while they are not under direct supervision (one on one) by a lifeguard. The price is $15 for all four days or $5 per day.

Karisa Buck, pool manager, is very happy with the turnout. “Here at the pool, we were very eager to have a “Swim with the Guard” hour for our community.

Even by the second day, parents were eager to tell me how their children are enjoying their time with the guards and how some have already improved their swimming abilities,” informed Karissa. She also loves that the kids are able to connect and interact with the lifeguards. “Just maybe these children are the future lifeguards that will be working in the same position protecting and teaching future generations.”

Pool board member Mary Ann Rutherford said, “I love this idea! We have had so many requests for swim lessons this year. We are starting out small, but if successful, we may be adding another week.” She also wanted to express thanks to the lifeguards coming in early to work. “We can’t do this program without the involvement and dedication of our lifeguards. Sistersville Pool is fortunate to have strong lifeguards overseeing the safety of our children,” shared the board member.

To reserve a spot please CALL or STOP BY the pool house. The pool will not be doing reservations through Facebook messenger. The number for the pool house is 652-1578.