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Sistersville Police Chief Rob Haught Issues June Report

By Staff | Jul 21, 2021

The Sistersville Police Department had a busy month answering a total of 86 calls and making 14 arrests during June, 2021. Among the calls were 13 wishing to speak to an officer. There were three followup investigations and two harassment/threat calls. Officers answered one noise complaint, one disorderly conduct complaint, one call for destroying property, one domestic violence and one ATV complaint. The department also had an abandoned vehicle call, an animal complaint, two driving complaints, a mental hygiene, a property ownership dispute, one pursuit, one stolen vehicle, 12 suspicious person reports, three suspicious vehicle reports, one trespassing and one eviction notice.

Arrests made included a felon in possession of a firearm 1, Brandishing 1, Fleeing on foot 1 , fleeing with reckless indifference 1, tampering with evidence 1, drug possession 1, DUI 2, left of center 1, possession of a controlled substance 3, and speeding 1.