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Tails and Tales Summer Reading Program

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Jul 14, 2021

Kids Enjoying the Story

The Sistersville Public Library opened their Summer Reading Program on July 8 with 8 kids participating. The library’s summer reading program is for children of all ages and features stories, snacks and crafts. Attending students just completed their third session of the popular “Tails and Tales” program which meets Wednesdays and runs through July 28th. There is no charge to participate.

On July 7th children enjoyed listening to the books If All the Animals Came Inside by Eric Pinder and Marc Brown and the Tiptoeing Tiger by Philippa Leathers, read by Shauna Yoho. The children then decorated pith hats, also known as a safari helmets, with wild animal stickers. While wearing their new pith hats, kids were given a wild animal list for a scavenger hunt held in the confines of the library. Each child was given a pair of binoculars to assist in their search for the 25 animals hidden around the books, nooks and shelving. Once each child finished their hunt they were able to pick out two free books to take home with them. The day’s activities concluded with a snack before everyone headed home.

Librarian Sabrina Kyle has great faith in summer reading programs like “Tails and Tales.” She knows from experience the value these programs lend to children while away from their regular classrooms. “I believe that children who participate in summer reading programs not only have a lot of fun, they increase their reading skills and confidence. Children learn that the public library can be a welcoming destination to learn all about our history, different countries and their cultures and animals of the world,” explained Sabrina. She also wanted to express her thanks to the Sistersville Public Library Board of Trustees for giving her the opportunity and funds to make summer reading possible for the children of our communities. “I invite everyone to stop in and check out all the wild and wonderful things that are happening at our library this summer,” encouraged Sabrina.

It isn’t too late to join this fun and valuable group. There are many more opportunities for kids to enhance their reading skills. Dates still available are Wednesday, July 14th, July 21st, and July 28th. Please call the library at 304-652-6701 to register.