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Sistersville Council Fills City Recorder Position

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Jun 30, 2021

Meghan Keller

Meet Meghan Keller, Sistersville’s new City Recorder. Meghan is 31 years old and grew up in Middlebourne. She has been a resident of Sistersville for about 10 years. Meghan has two sons, Isaac, 9 and Royce, 2; she along with her partner, Justin Wyatt, are raising the boys together.

Meghan has an Associate in Science degree from WVNCC, and before becoming city recorder she served as the water clerk for the city of Sistersville since 2019.

The Sistersville City Recorder wears many hats. I was curious what did she feel were some of the biggest challenges facing her as she took her new position. “Well, as of right now we are in the middle of the water project which was much needed for the City of Sistersville. With the water project comes new radio read meters and new billing software for the water department. We are hoping for a very smooth transition to all of these new things, and are prepared to deal with any problems that may arise in the future,” assured Meghan.

Meghan gained needed experience and familiarity during her tenure as water clerk. She had high praise for former city recorder Heather Rice. “As I said I was the Water Clerk for almost 2 years which gave me familiarity with the way the city runs and operates. I am a quick learner and Heather Rice is an amazing mentor and coworker. I hope to one day be even half the city recorder she was,” shared Meghan.

As recorder Meghan will work closely with Mayor Rice and council. I wondered what strategies she would use to convey important information. Meghan explained the nature of the information would help her decide whether a meeting needs to be scheduled to share the details or if a simple phone call or email would handle the job.

Sistersville’s City Hall is a historic building and was busy in its heyday. Today it runs at a slower pace but is still the headquarters of the city with the police department sharing space. I asked Meghan what she liked best about her new position. Meghan was quick to answer, “Well this has nothing to do with the new job position, but I really love my work family. The Sewer and Water Plant Operators, the Street Crew, the Sanitation Crew, the Mayor, my coworker Heather Rice, and the Police Department. We all work so hard for the city, and we all take pride in our jobs.”