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Middlebourne Fire Chief Jason Maisey

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Jun 30, 2021

Chief Jason Maisey

Jason Maisey, Middlebourne Fire Chief, has two childhood experiences that set him on the path to becoming a first responder. When he was just eleven years old, his house caught fire in Philadelphia and became engulfed in smoke. Jason was downstairs but his mom and brother were trapped upstairs. He quickly went outside his burning home and climbed up a tree that gave him access to the porch roof. He got his mother and brother out through a window of the house and to safety. He saved them. That is pretty heady stuff for an eleven year old!

Another experience that impacted him as a child was witnessing the aftermath of a plane crash that lead to a horrific crash site.

Jason still recalls seeing body parts strewn across the ground. Maybe these two experiences wouldn’t have led all people to become a firefighter, but for Jason there was no denying his interest.

“I’ve always had a thing for fire trucks. If we were out walking by the fire station in Philadelphia, we would stop, and (they would) let me look at the trucks,” explained Jason.

Jason Maisy was born in Philadelphia. He is the son of the late Joseph and Nancy Maisy. Jason has been the fire chief for seven years in Middlebourne, previously serving as assistant chief. Jason has accumulated 29 years of service for the department.

Jason also serves as stepdad to his girlfriend’s two children, Gavin, 9 and Cassidy, 17. Gavin was present for the interview and was paying attention while I chatted with Jason. I was asking Jason about the ages of his step kids, and Gavin chimed in, “When Cassidy turns 19, she can get a tattoo!” Kids, they always make us laugh and help us put life in perspective. They are the reason Jason and so many like him do the hard work of firefighting.

Jason has all the requirements to be fire chief. Training like basic Fire Fighter 1&2 along with Hazmat Fire Training. Successful completion of Fire Officer 1 allows you to serve as a captain or lieutenant in a department, but it is completion of Fire Officer 2 that is a requirement to be named chief. Jason has also gone through fire training at Momentive.

I asked Jason about the numbers for his department as well as the equipment he has on hand. He explained Middlebourne has a total of 5 trucks; 2 engines, a rescue truck, a brush truck and a pick-up truck. As for firefighters, it is a volunteer department. Counting himself, there are 10 volunteers. Most are active, but one or two are just supportive. Jason is on call 24-7, unless he is at work. He is not one to skip calls.

When not on call Jason can be found driving a water truck for his employer, Hall Drilling in Ellenboro. He has been doing the job for six years. Things are good right now because there is a lot of work around home. That always makes the job easier.

Like every first responder mentioned in our series on Fire Chiefs, Jason works hard to be a good chief for his community and a good dad to his step kids, Cassidy and Gavin. And like every citizen that has ever had to dial 911 or may ever face the need in the future, we thank you brave men and women for your leadership, fire education and your service.