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Doddridge County EMS Opens in New Martinsville

By Staff | Jun 23, 2021

Left to right - Jane Ann Gamble, Wetzel Valley Agencies, Bobbin Pardine, Union Bank, Kim Whiteman, New Martinsville City Recorder, Tina Rush, MPLX & Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce President, Doddridge Co EMS Staff - Kris Barron, Director, Rhonda Frame, Lt, JoyceBea, Assistant Director, Ashley Colburn, Lt, Mary Jane Schafer, Cpt, John Beacher, Cpt and commander of the new location.

A ribbon cutting ceremony by the Wetzel/Tyler Chamber of Commerce was held at the new location of the Doddridge County EMS on Tuesday, June 15, in New Martinsville. The office is located on RegattaFest Way behind the Post Office and Lincoln Theater and will be staffed 24/7. The official name of the business is the Doddridge County Emergency Squad, Inc., and is a private non-profit company, which is governored by a board of directors.

According to Kris Barron, Director, the business currently employs 18 people. They will be available for emergency or non-emergency calls, although their primary business is through contracts for transfers with local nursing homes, dializios and hospitals. Barron said the company is soley financed through billings from the transports, and they do accept most insurance plans.

Barron wanted to stress that they are not here in New Martinsville to take away from the EMS here. He stated they have their own private contracts and they are just trying to cut down on the overhead of travel from West Union to New Martinsville. He said it is a 45-50 mile one way trip and they are currently doing that 4-5 times a day. He said with wages, fuel and expenses it should save them a lot of money.

Barron stated they have set rates which are set by the government and that’s what they bill their customers.

The new location has its own live-in staff, ready to respond to the needs of patients in and around the area as needed. Captain John Beachler will be in charge of the new location. According to Captain Beachler, the new location needs about 5-6 more EMT and Paramedics to reach full staffing. He encourages anyone interested in apply for a position to call (304) 873-2211 or send a resume to him, Beachler@yahoo.com, or the Director of Doddridge County EMS, Kris Barron, EMSCO61@Aol.com. EMT Starting salaries begin at $14/hour and paramedics start at $18/hour.

Barron said he would like to staff two crews here in New Martinsville from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. and one crew over night from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. He said they are still in the hiring phase and they are looking to hire EMT’S and Paramedics, although they may need a driver or two who are certified. They also plan on having two ambulances at the new location. Another service they provide is doctors appointments for those who need transportation from residents to doctors office, in state and out of state. This move is solely to help streamline the already existing transfer operations that the Doddridge County EMS is already undertaking.