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WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey Visits Paden City

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Jun 9, 2021

Patrick Morrisey Berri Jean Fox. Ken Stead, Jim (Cork) Bowen

W.Va. Attorney General Patrick Morrisey payed a visit to Paden City on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. As part of his visit to the Northern Panhandle he made a stop in Paden City to hear concerns of local business owners, and city officials. Morrisey said due to Covid during 2020 it was hard to get out and talk in person to the people of West Virginia concerning issuse affecting their communites. He said each communitiy is experiencing their own issues and he is available to offer whatever help his office can give.

Accompanying Morrisey was Amy Nickerson, Consumer Representative and Compliance Specialists for the Northern Panhandle from the A.G. office. Several local officals and business people gathered at the city building where Morrisey spoke on issues ranging from opioid addiction, broadband and oil and gas litigation.

In particular he answered questions pertaining to the COVID Relief Package, and broadband. According to Morrisey the opioid epidemic lawsuits against the drug companies will provide money for rehabilitation, recovery, law enforcement and long-term facilities to help those addicted.

He said the U.S. Supreme Court will hear litigation in September or October on gas, oil, and coal. Broadband is high on the priority list for all of West Virginia, he added.

Beri Fox, C.E.O. of Marble King, located in Paden City (the number one producer of marbles in the US) asked Attorney General Morrisey about Frontier Communications not following up on services it provides for her business. She said it’s hard to conduct zoom calls without service. Mr. Morrisey said that his office has collected $165 million from Frontier, and they just filed bankruptcy, but he was still going after them for compensation. Fox also mentioned the struggles they are encountering trying to find employees. Morrisey said it’s a common complaint in every community he goes to.

Paden City Chief of Police Anthony Lauer also mentioned to Morrisey about the poor service the community gets from Suddenlink. The Attorney General said the people need to get together and get the information to his office so it can be forwarded on to the Senators to see about maybe luring in new providers.

Also in attendance was Cork Bowen, President of the Paden City Development Authority, and Ken Stead a member of the Paden City Development Authority.

Melissa O’Brien from Thompson & Litton, Client and Community Development Manager who is working on the broadband project was also in attendance. O’Brien said they are actively working on grants to better broadband service and to reach more people. She added they are making progress.

Following the meeting Morrisey continued his tour visiting other communities in the Northern panhandle.