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Ron Lathey Has a True Friend

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Jun 9, 2021

Gracie Richards & Ron Lathey

Williamstown High School Junior Gracie Richards helped set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to cover medical expenses for teacher Ronald Lathey who suffered a stroke this past winter. Gracie thought that setting up a Go Fund Me would reach as many people as possible in the community. Starting with the goal of $10,000 it was quickly reached and the second goal of $15,000 was also reached. The effort ended with a total of $17,945.

“When I first heard about it, I was lying up there in that bed, hooked up with tubes and everything and I broke down. Because I’ve never had anybody do that for me or anything like that. S

o it just shows how special she is,” Lathey said.

Ron is a 1969 graduate of Sistersville High School and was one of the main cogs during his four years at Sistersville on the basketball team.

Ron played with Mike Carson, Chuck Heinlein, Tom Menighan, and Larry Heintzman to name a few under the late Coach Tom Cuppett. While I have not kept in touch with Ron over the years, I still call him my friend. I was also on the basketball team with him. He was a great shooter, and I was a great practice player.

Ron is a long time math teacher at Williamstown High School, and I am happy to report that he is doing well and recently returned to teaching.