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Tyler County BOE Presents Awards

By Hannah Morris - Staff Writer | May 26, 2021

Teacher of the Year 2021 Robert Schupbach and Superintendent Shane Highley.

The Tyler County Board of Education met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, May 17. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the minutes for the May 3 meeting were approved, and a public forum was held; there were no visitors for the forum, so the first of three presentations began.

The first presentation was given by Tina Lancaster with the Tyler County PSD and Jim Ruckman from the district’s engineering firm. They presented a booster station for the Water Project; this would extend service past Boreman Elementary School towards Alma. They have also asked the Department of Highways for an approach to reduce the speed limit through the school zone. The Board will discuss this project with their lawyer and will add it to the agenda within the next few weeks.

The second presentation was for Teacher of the Year, awarded to Mr. Robert Schupbach, social studies and theatre arts teacher. “When we pulled people to see who our next Teacher of the Year should be in Tyler County, almost unanimously was Mr. Robert Shupbach.

He is a great advocate for kids, he is a great teacher, he does a lot outside the classroom with kids, and he cares about kids,” said Superintendent Shane Highley as he presented the award.

The final presentation was for Service Personnel of the Year, awarded to Sandra Stevens. Highley began by saying, “I don’t know what else to say other than she is one of the hardest working ladies I’ve ever been around. She keeps the building immaculate, and never says two words; I have a hard time getting her to say anything to me. She does a great job.” “She is amazing,” Mr. Scott Wall added, “what is normal or average for her is exceptional for somebody else. Her work ethic is amazing, she takes pride in her work, she cares about the kids, she cares about the school, and there’s nobody more deserving than Sandy.” After the presentations, the Board went into executive session to discuss personnel matters.

Once executive session came to end, Highley spoke about the senior interviews from the class of 2021. The first question asked was, “What would you tell a freshman coming in to Tyler Consolidated High School?” The most popular answer was, “do not procrastinate. ask for help and enjoy it, because it goes fast.” The next question asked was, “What could we do better at Tyler Consolidated High School?” The students overwhelmingly answered to teach adult skills, such as doing taxes, keeping a check book and personal finance. There were also concerns about ninth period and food quality, and those issues are being worked on. Another answer was permission to paint parking spaces, but the Board is split on their opinions regarding the parking lot.

Another question that was asked was, “What do we do well at Tyler Consolidated High School?” The students believe communication skills and writing effectively are areas that are taught effectively, and students feel prepared for the future. Classes that were mentioned specifically were Mr. Schupbach’s Civics class, which touched on life skills, the student’s tenth grade English and the early Algebra classes. There were also students that mentioned that the school system at Tyler Consolidated exceeds Magnolia and Grafton High Schools.

Under the Superintendent’s Report, Highley announced the vaccination clinic for ages 12 to 15 that was held on Friday, May 21. There were around 60 students that were transported to recieve their first round of vaccines. He also mentioned he was pleased with the results he was seeing from the Summit of Assessments.

As for Project Updates, the field and bus garage projects have been completed; they are now moving into the bleacher renovations as well as the next phase of the HVAC system at the Middle and High schools. The greenhouse project is moving along, as the old greenhouse has been sold.

After discussing the project updates, the Board read and approved all of the proposed financial agreements, including extending the Pepsi Contract, funding the Public Library, increasing the Academic Coaching Contract to $500 and increasing county supplement for all service employees to $50. They then approved the final budget for 2021-22, both trip requests, the TCMS/HS Cross Country 2021-22 and TCHS Men’s Soccer 2021-22 schedules. All resignations and employments were also approved, as well as the payment of the bills.

The next regular meeting will be held Monday, June 7, 2021 at 7:00 PM.