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“Hooked On Fishing Not Drugs,” Held At Conway Lake

By Staff | May 19, 2021

Enjoying hooked on fishing day at Conway lake

Back in 2015, Arnold Schoolcrat had a vision. He wanted to do something to help kids avoid drugs. He came up with the idea of getting them interested in fishing, hunting or other activities that would keep their minds on more positive and worthy causes. He had a passion for young people and often spoke about finding ways to help them and make their lives better.

He came up with the idea of having a day set aside for area youngsters to enjoy and learn about fishing. He decided to call it “Hooked on Fishing, not Drugs” day.

From the start he took the lead an organized the event planned each year at Conway Lake in Tyler County. It became a big event, drawing children and adults of all ages to the banks of Conway Lake.

Arnold enjoyed it as much as the children. After his passing the event was carried on by the Tyler County Rod and Gun Club, which Arnold was an active member of. Last year the event was cancelled due to COVID-19. This year the Tyler Rod and Gun Club and the WVDNR once again sponsored the event and as always it was a hit for all.

With nearly 150 kids along with parents, relatives and chaperones, took to the lake side with hook, line and sinker. “This was the best day of fishing I’ve had, I really enjoyed all the excitement, once I had a big one but he got away,” said one youngster. That’s just what Arnold would have wanted to hear!

The annual Arnold Schoolcraft Memorial Hooked on Fishing, not Drugs outing was another success despite the cool temperatures and overcast skies. Several police officers, WVNR officers and many volunteers kept a close eye on the little ones while making sure it was a fun day for all involved.

Conway Lake is located 11 miles south of Middlebourne, and is a 630 acre wildlife management area. The lake is a 30 acre site stocked by the WVDNR with various types of fish several times a year.

For those interested Conway lake allows small boats and has picnic tables for those looking to enjoy time away with family or friends.

Thanks to Arnold Schoolcraft for having a vision to help young folks enjoy the good things in life. The Tyler Rod & Gun Club would like to thank the following sponsors for the generous donations to the recent Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs event. It wouldn’t have been possible without their help.Long Reach Federal Credit Union, Union Bank, Mary Dotson, Tyler County Magistrate, Myers Pre-Owned Auto, Ace Hardware, Bayer Employees FCU, Jarvis/Williams Funeral Home, Jenkins Auto, Bell Chevrolet, Parnell Schoolcraft, Roger Hayse, Middlebourne Galaxy, Lakeside Grocery, Advanced Auto, Burger King ,Tractor Supply, Bridgeport Equipment, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Subway, Rural King, The many volunteers and photographers who helped make this event possible.