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Folsom VFD Chief Jimmy Glasscock II

By Staff | May 19, 2021

Jimmy Glasscock II

Jimmy Glasscock II, has been chief of the Folsom, West Virginia fire department since 2018, when his father Gary Glasscock retired. Gary was elected to the position in 2006 following the passing of Jones Fluharty a longtime fireman in the area.

The history of the Folsom fire department is an interesting one to say the least. The Folsom Volunteer fire department was first established in November 1972. It was a non-profit, non-stock corporation. Membership was open to everyone in the general area of Folsom, upon payment of a one dollar membership fee. The board of directors were Ralph Wallace, Russell Fisher, Mary Edgell, Dale Carter, and Harold (Dick) Edgell.

Russell Fisher held the position of President with Ralph Wallace serving as Vice-President, Mary Edgell as secretary/treasurer and Dale Carter as Fire Chief.

The fire department originally sat on property owned by Pat Dallison. In November 1974 Eugene T. Jones and Margaret Jones, his wife donated property for a new building to be erected and utilized as The Folsom Fire Department. This is where the department is now located. In February 1975 new by-laws were compiled, written, and adopted by the successors of the previous Board of Directors and Officers to include the addition of a community center for such affairs as wedding receptions, reunions and any other activities approved by the Board of Directors.

The new officers and Board of Directors were President: Jones Fluharty, Vice President Mary Edgell, Secretary Jaynee Dallison, Treasurer Jennifer Swiger, Fire Chief Dale Carter, first assistant fire chief Harold (Dick) Edgell, second assistant fire chief Dick Dallison, Captain Danny Manear. New board of directors were also elected and included Dale Carter, Jones Fluharty, Mary Edgell, Larry Manear and Burl Burgess.

Fund raisers such as baked steak and chicken dinners, hot dog sales, and annual carnivals were held to help fund the department. The department also had a kitchen at Town and Country Days every summer.

Until some years later, the fire department responded to only calls and provided traffic control at moter vehicle accidents. Then, at the request of Wetzel County EMS, the department began responding to EMS calls to provide first aid until an ambulance would arrive. In the late 80’s, the majority of officers and directors retired, and new officers and board members were elected. Jimmy Glasscock was elected as President, Larry Manear as Vice-President, April Glasscock as Secretary, Cindy Glasscock as Treasurer. Jones Fluharty took the reigns as fire chief, Gary Glasscock as assistant fire chief, Jimmy Galsscock II as captain, Daniel (DJ) Glasscock became first lieutenant and Christopher Carnes was elected as second lieutenant. The board of directors were replaced by Jimmy Glasscock, Larry Manear, Michael Dennison, James Wade, and Gary Glasscock II. When Gary Glasscock retired in 2018, Jimmy Glasscock II stepped in as fire chief. Daniel (DJ) Glasscock was elected as assistant fire chief, Gary Glasscock II remained first captain and Timothy Glasscock remained as second captain. April Glasscock, being the only female fire fighter in the department, replaced Daniel Glasscock as first lieutenant and Christopher Carnes remains as second Lieutenant.

In 2002 the fire department voted to petition the County Commission and the Wetzel County Ambulance Authority to give permission to the department to begin operating an ambulanceservice. It was at this time that Cindy Glasscock enrolled in the paramedic program at Fairmont State College. In 2005, she became Folsom’s first paramedic. The departmnent purchased a used ambulance and started operating as fire and EMS services. Since that time, the deppartment has acquired several quality EMTs including DJ Glasscock, April Glasscock, Timothy Glasscock, James Wade, Alec Balon, Gary Glasscock II, Larry Manear, Christopher Carnes, Michael Owens, Carolyn Yoho, Mellisa Yoho, Jaclyn Dallison, Brittany Sivert, and James Gump. The department has grown in paramedics as well with the addition of Jimmy Glasscock II and Nicholas Wade. DJ Glasscock will be testing for aramedic in the near future.

The fire department’s leet has also grown. What originally started out as only one ambulance has grown to a total of three ALS equipped trucks in the fleet. With the addition of the ambulances, the department found that the building also had to become larger. A new addition to the garage that houses all the department apparatuses was complete in 2019. In 2020, an addition was added to the main building. The business office is located upstairs as well as two bunk rooms. There was a laudry room and bathrooms added to the downstairs.

With the State Fire Marshall’s office forcing the closure of the Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department in 2016, Folsom was asked to take over the Smithfield area for fire services. The building, real estate and all fire apparatus became the property of Folsom Volunteer Fire Department at that time.

In 2019 the officers and board members voted to offer a purchase price for the old Folsom school house. The schoolhouse had been vacant for a few years after the owner moved from the area. An offer was made to the owner of the property and in July 2019 it became the property of the Folsom Fire Department. The property is now being cleaned up and in June the building will be tore down. At present, a building is being built which will be used for a training center for the fire department as well as housing for some of the department’s equipment. It is the hopes of the fire department officials to eventually turn the remaining lot into a small park for the community as well as adding a helipad for air medical services.

Fire Chief Jimmy Glasscock II, resides in Shinnston and is a full time Paramedic for Bridgeport. Chief Glasscock has made volunteer fire work his life, he has been a member of the department for as long as he can remember and enjoys following in the footsteps of his father and other past chiefs. He is excited about the future of the department and thankful for the hard work of all those associated with the Folsom fire department and EMS.