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Fallen Tree Results in Power Outage, Break-In

By Hannah Morris - Staff Writer | Mar 24, 2021

During the night of Friday, March 12, a tree on McCoy Heights fell onto a power line, blocking access to the road and knocking out power to residents and businesses in the area. The tree had posed a hazard before it fell, and it had been brought to the attention of Sistersville City Council by several residents.

A Sistersville Council member stated, he talked to one local tree company about removing the tree, but their equipment was not sufficient enough to do the job. He said he reached out to another local tree company about getting quotes, but did not hear back from them. He also mentioned that he presented quotes to remove the tree, but it was tabled until the following month to allow time to gather additional quotes. City council is unable to identify the land owner at this point, but they are currently seeking out that information.

The power surge caused damage to the circuitry and compressors at Sistersville IGA, and the outage allowed the opportunity for a break-in to occur at the store undetected. The alley door was pried open with a crowbar, which was left at the scene. The ATM was damaged, the office had been searched through, and theft was reported. The investigation is still ongoing.

Store owner Pat Morris commented on the situation, saying, “I chose not to dwell on the negatives, we’ve had enough of that lately. Look around your surroundings; each and every one of us can make a difference. Sure, mistakes will be made, but If your heart is in the right place, people will understand.”