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Sistersville Council Approves Measures

By Hannah Morris - Staff Writer | Mar 17, 2021

Sistersville City Council met on Monday, March 8, 2021 at 7 o’clock via conference call. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, a public forum was held. Council Person Bonnie Hizer, speaking on behalf of a citizen, asked council a question regarding a fire hydrant at the corner of Graham Avenue, and whether or not it would be replaced. Council noted that in most cases, the new fire hydrants were covered with the old hydrant sitting beside it, and in this case there was no new hydrant present. Michael Yandrich, Senior Engineer from S&S Engineers, said he would find out the status and if it is going to be replaced.

Also, Bonnie, speaking on behalf of a citizen, asked about the property on Hill Street. She said that the house appears to be falling and leaning towards the street. Mayor Bill Rice inquired about tearing down the house, however, costs and the legality would need to be determined before proceeding.

Mayor Rice also said that he plans on attending the next Urban Renewal meeting to get an update on the bad buildings program.

Councilman Chuck Heinlein asked Chief of Police Rob Haught if he had made any progress on advertising the surplus vehicles for sale. Chief Haught said that he was waiting on a clear title to one of the Crown Victoria’s and that he has decided to sell both the Crown Victoria’s and the Durango, versus donating the one Crown Victoria to the fire department for training. He believes it is worth trying to sell it for scrap metal.

Starting this week, the city will be renting an excavator to dig up the old sewer lines in the alley located at the 200 block of South Chelsea Street and replacing them with new sewer lines.

Council then approved the appointment of Dana Johnson to the Park & Pool Board. Dana will be replacing Sheri Kemp, who resigned her position on the board.

Council then heard the latest water project draw down request and approved the amount of $182,358.76. City Attorney Krista Fleege is unable to act as local counsel for the water project because she represents the city. Therefore Luke Peters, from the Mid Ohio Valley Regional Council, was able to contract with Steptoe & Johnson to be local counsel for the water project. Council approved and signed the engagement letter. A new water meter system is also being considered, which will allow the city to be directly notified of meter readings, and find specific locations of any issues in the lines.

Spring Clean Up dates were next on the agenda, and the decision to set the dates was tabled until the next meeting to allow time to acquire costs for the project.

Finally, the 2021-2022 Budget Preparation meetings will need to be scheduled. Council asked Heather Rice to recommend dates that would fit her schedule for these meetings. Dates will be set at the next council meeting.