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Paden City Council Discusses Several Important Topics

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Mar 10, 2021

The Paden City Common Council met on Monday March 1, 2021 with all council members present with the exception of Aunna Bradey and Bob Kendell. Among the items discussed were the water project update, the sewer project update, spring burning season, funding needed for the Paden City Park and Pool maintenance upgrades, and slip repair.

Following the Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance the minutes from the Feburary 1, 2021 meeting were approved. There were no comments by the mayor or citizens so the meeting began with the approval to pay the bills.

Tonya Schuller, council member, presented council with background information on the pool and needed repairs to open successfully this summer. The current Paden City Park and Pool committee is a new team of individuals established in fall 2020. This team is determined to upgrade the pool in three separate phases, but the current park and pool operational budget does not provide adequate funds to accomplish the task. It is understood that funding would have to be obtained through a series of grants and donations. As part of this funding challenge, the park and pool commission is requesting the Paden City Council consider financing the initial stage of this upgrade. Phase 1 will address needed repairs for tile replacement, life guard stands (to be built in house), miscellaneous paint/sealer/and patching materials, diving board repairs, chlorine gas cylinder piping and manifold system. Total funding needed for these repairs is $3,750. Councilwoman Schuller reported that the current park and pool only has $3000 in their budget. Jim Richmond, council member, suggested reviewing the books on expenditures over the past two years, while the pool sat idle. Prior to making a decision for the funding a special meeting would be called for a decision. Council also discussed the forecasted budget of the pool for next year. A sum of $25,000 to $30,000 would be needed to insure the on-going operation of the pool. Councilwoman Schuller explained, “We need to move forward with this funding so we can begin the hiring of life guards.”

Additionally, the contract for the baseball and softball fields with the Wetzel County Board of Education calls for a payment of $4000 a year for maintaining the fields. Because of Covid restrictions, and the canceling of the seasons last year, no payment was made; however, the mowing did continue as a maintenance responsibility of the city. Mowing cost usually run around $12,000 per year to mow the entire park, including the fields. Mayor Casteel said he would work on the man hours required for this maintenance, and the city could present the Wetzel County BOE with a new proposed contract for 2021. The council will re-visit this agenda item at the next meeting.

Under the water project update it was stated that the bid opening would be March 4. Currently Mid-Atlantic Tank has the tank contract and Stonegate Construction out of Belpre was awarded the line work. As a separate item, slip repair work needs completed near the south water tanks. It was recommended that Jimmy Schuller be hired as a temporary employee to complete the slip repair work prior to running any waterlines. This financing will be separate from the water project dollars and paid by the city. The city would rent the equipment and Jimmy would complete the work. The matter was tabled for further investigation until the next council meeting.

Council did approve replacing the waterline to the south tank at a cost of $2,646.55. The poly pipe, which is a form of rubber pipe, would remain on top of the ground. Josh Billiter explained the pipe won’t freeze, and it is only needed for 5 to 6 months prior to burying the permanent waterline.

Under the sewer board report it was recommended that a pressure washer be rented at a cost of $4,100 a week to clean out the sewers. Prior to approving this request council wanted to review the sewer budget to determine the monies available. The matter will be revisited after further investigation.

Council approved the dates for the Spring Burning Season. The season will begin April 1, 2021 and run through April 30, 2021.

The police report announced one new officer would be attending the academy beginning on March 22, 2021.

At the conclusion of the police report, the meeting was adjourned. The next scheduled meeting of the Paden City Common Council will be on April 5, 2021 at 7p.m. in the council chambers of the municipal building.