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Editorial for March 3, 2021

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Mar 3, 2021

The Wetzel/Tyler County Health Department has set the standard when it comes to getting the vaccine in the arms of area residents. They have been proficient in signing people up, and following through to make sure they get the second booster shot. Watching the long lines around the country, and seeing the problems people have experienced getting on the list for the vaccine, we are fortunate to live in a state where the process runs smoothly.

It’s the same thing when it comes to emergency services of any kind. Living in a rural area and small town America can be a plus. People still come first in Wetzel and Tyler County. While everything is not perfect, it is still far better than standing in food lines for hours for a box of groceries. It’s better to walk to the polling places to vote where the wait is 10-15 minutes at most, than standing for 8-10 hours just to cast your ballot.

The dedication of our local people shine when it comes to quality service. Whether it’s your nurse or doctor at the emergency room, your EMS people, firefighters, local police and sheriff departments, or city workers, we have been spoiled by their service. I received two nice complimentary letters this past week from people out of our area who received there vaccine shots by the Wetzel/Tyler Health Department. Both letters were full of praise for the kindness, efficiency, and overall good experience they received.

It’s a testimony to the type of people we have come to know. While leaving the area is always an option for those who are unsatisfied, it can also be a mistake. One couple who dropped by the office last week, said they had been gone for six years, but were back to stay. One of their comments was, “We feel much safer here than anywhere we’ve been.”

They mentioned Wetzel and Tyler Counties have better schools, friendlier people, less drugs and crime, and much less traffic. What they were shocked to find was lack of housing and large truck traffic. Although lack of housing was a concern, they were satisfied with the low cost of living.

We all need to do our part to make Wetzel and Tyler attractive to visitors and people looking for a safe, affordable place to live. We need to attract industry, and business to the area, and maintain what we have to keep our image open to those outside our area.

Not only do we have quality services, we also provide quality entertainment. The Wetzel County Convention and Visitors Bureau will soon be opening the Movie House in the same location of the old cinema. It will also be the home for much more, including live concerts. The WCCVB is proactive in many ways, including the Back Home Festival, which brings top rated music and entertainment to downtown New Martinsville each year.

When you count up all the fairs, and festivals it’s easy to see why others enjoy visiting. Every year downtown New Martinsville comes alive with the annual boat races and a host of other activities, including one of the best Chili Festivals you’ll find anywhere. Throw in Town and Country Days, and the Tyler County Fair, both week long events, the Paden City Labor Day Celebration with the states largest parade, the annual marble festival which is scheduled to take place at Paden City Park this year, Sistersvilles’ Oil and Gas Festival and their Ferry Boat attraction, and you see the recipe for our success.

As of this writing West Virginia is ranked third in the country percentage wise for getting the vaccine into peoples’ arms. In the state we are number one among counties, even though we are combining Wetzel and Tyler. To top that several other counties are sending people here. This is a testament to are hard working Health Department and all the other volunteers involved in the process. So if you want to be vaccinated now is a good time. Register with the health department and get on the list. If you don’t and you or a family member get sick you have no one to blame but yourself. Don’t forget you are also putting others at risk as well! Get Vaccinated!