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Speeding and Sewer Complaints Heard At Council Meeting

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Feb 17, 2021

Sistersville City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, February 8, 2021 at 7 p.m. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements the meeting was held at the Sistersville Fire Department offering greater space than the city building.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance the floor was open for a public forum.

Amy Byard addressed the council asking for an update regarding the sewer problem in the alley behind her home at 232 South Chelsea Street. Mayor Rice explained to Amy that the city crew was coming on a regular basis, once a week, to clear out the sewer so that it wouldn’t back up. The mayor also explained that he has requested a quote from Litman Excavating to dig up the sewer and fix the problem. Amy then expressed a concern regarding speeding trucks on Route 2 through the south end of town. Police Chief Rob Haught responded to the concern saying he and his officers have been taking radar on a regular basis, and the trucks are not speeding. Because of the size of the trucks they give the appearance of speeding, but so far no tickets have been issued. Amy also shared a concern regarding the shaking of her house due to the condition of the road work near her home. Mayor Rice explained that in any project there would be some inconvenience and hoped that everyone could continue to stay patient. Quoting Mayor Rice, “The benefits will outweigh the issues we have now.”

Under department head reports, Jason Rice, Water/Sewer Operator, reported that FEMA would be reimbursing the city for the new river pump, the mussel study, and for the bypass pump. He also stated that the booster station, to be located at the south end of town, should be complete in the April to May time frame barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Next up the council discussed plans for Streetscape Project, Phase 2 which is replacement of the sidewalks running from the city building to the former location of the fire department. The projected cost for the project to complete the left side of the sidewalk is roughly $250,000 of which 20% the city we would be responsible for paying. A grant would be needed to cover the city’s estimated portion of $50,000 in order to begin the project. Council decided that further discussion would be necessary at the next council meeting before proceeding.

A surplus of vehicles in the city’s possession was the next item on the agenda. Chief Haught reported the city has two Dodge Durangos and one Crown Victoria. The city has clear title to one of the Dodge Durangos which could be put out for bid immediately.

The Crown Victoria, on the other hand, was stripped of equipment, and the city would need to apply for a duplicate title prior to putting it out for bid. It was suggested by Chief Haught that the other Dodge Durango, which was given to the city but with no clear title, be used by the fire department for practice and training purposes.

Two separate items on the agenda, both meeting approval by council, were the next scheduled water project draw down and the appointment of Russell Weekley to the Park & Pool Board.

Next was discussion of surplus vehicles in possession of the city. Chief Haught reported that we have two Dodge Durango’s and one Crown Victoria. The city has clear title to one of the Dodge Durango’s and could be put it out for bid immediately.

The Crown Victoria equipment was stripped out of the car and we need to apply for a duplicate title prior to putting it out for bid. It was suggested that the other Dodge Durango, that we do not have a title for, be given to the fire department for practice and training.

Also approved by council were the next water project draw down, and the appointment of Russell Weekley to the Park & Pool Board.

Spring Clean up dates and costs were discussed briefly by council members and tabled until the next meeting. Initially estimated costs for acquiring dumpsters for the cleanup event will be between $3,000 and $4,000. More information will be forth coming after council can further investigate costs.

It was reported by Mayor Rice that the new roof is leaking and that final payment to Shield Roofing would be withheld until the roof was repaired to the city’s satisfaction. The roof carries a 40 year guarantee on materials and a 20 year guarantee on craftsmanship.

There is an ongoing effort by the council to replace the boat docks and have them functional and ready for boaters by May 1, 2021. Council approved a fee of $5.00 per foot per month for slip rental. Council also approved a special offer of one month free for pre-payment of the season for the slip rental. The season is projected from May 1 through September 30.

Mayor Rice also reported that city resident Bill McCoy is willing to donate the property on Prospect Street to the City of Sistersville. City Attorney Krista Fleegle will begin the paperwork for the city to receive ownership of property.

Finally, council went into executive session to discuss a drug screening program for city employees. Following the executive session the meeting was adjourned.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Sistersville City Council will be on March 8, 2021 at 7p.m. with the location yet to be determined.