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New Water Lines Being Installed in Sistersville

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Dec 9, 2020

Water Lines Being Installed in Sistersville.

Water Line construction has begun linking Sistersville water to the Friendly Public Service Department. The current plans are for the lines to run from the new booster station, located south of town, to the water storage tank located on Cemetery Hill with projected completion in six months weather permitting.

Once the new lines are complete Sistersville will be utilizing the water from Friendly. Friendly will be drilling a new well to accommodate Sistersville’s water demands. Utilizing the water from Friendly will eventually eliminate the need for the current water plant; however, the plan is to keep the plant open in the short term as a backup water system for the community. The construction will run along Route 2 from the Hospital to the rail road crossing in the north end of town. The total cost of the project is $3.2 million with funding coming from grants and loans.

The water line construction project is the result of years in planning, and should continue to move forward with the cooperation of some good weather.