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Board of Education Discusses Business Matters Amid School Shutdown

By Leann Cochran - Staff Writer | Nov 25, 2020

The Tyler County Board of Education met for a regular meeting on November 16. Middle school test data and an update on the various projects taking place throughout the county were among the items discussed.

Superintendent Highley updated the board regarding the middle school testing scores. The members were given the opportunity to look over the data and ask questions about the scores and the correlation of the scores to remote learning.

Highly also gave an update on how remote learning is going since the school closure.

He reported the cooks have been preparing lunches and the bus drivers have been delivering meals while schools have been closed. “It’s been a good team effort,” said Highley.

As far as in-school education, Highley said they are doing what they can to ensure it continues when allowed. “Now there are some folks who, just like at the beginning of the year, are fearful… and we will work with those people, but our county wants kids in school,” Highley said.

President Linda Hoover commented, “I think this county should be so proud of what our staff and our teachers have done. I can’t believe what all they have been through and how well they are doing it. They deserve a lot of praise.”

Under project updates, Highley reported the field projects are wrapping up with just a few items left to finish. “I will tell you that we have had four or five counties that have called that want to come visit because they hear that we have a wonderful facility,” Highley said.

The board then approved the Tyler County Policy review regarding JJ Reporting of Children Suspected to be Abused or Neglected.

Next was the approval of the employment of Steve Castagar as a substitute teacher, as well as Kelsi Anderson and Preston Boswell as substitute teachers pending certification.

Following this, the meeting was adjourned.