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Wetzel and Tyler Papers Earn Awards

By Staff | Oct 21, 2020

The West Virginia Press Association Annual Awards conference was done digitally this year and the Wetzel Chronicle and Tyler Star News snagged 10 total awards for the year 2019. Of the awards given, two were first-place awards, four were second-place, and four third-place. There were 36 newspapers enter this year and the entries were judged by North Carolina Press Association.

The Tyler Star News advertising staff received one first place and three third-place honors.

The first place award given for advertising was for the Best Process Color Ad – Larger Than a Half Page, for their submission of Welcome Back Students Tyler County. In regards to this submission, the judges commented, “What a comprehensive legible layout for an entire school year”!

Theme Pages (Retail) for their submission of the Spotlight On Business Ad. In regards to this submission, the judges commented, “Extremely clean display. Nice overall collection and ad relevance.”

Under the category Best Single Black and White Ad – Quarter page or less, the advertising staff submitted the Sistersville Marble Festival, which received another third place award, with the following comments!

“My favorite art of all entries with an encylopedia of information jammed in and around.”

Also achieving third-place under the Best Classified Process Color Ad- Half Page or Less,was the advertizing submission J & K Auto.

The advetizing staff of the Tyler Star News also received a third-place award for the Best Classified Display Ad, with their submission of Payne’s Trucking – Local Drivers Needed.

The editorial staff also received third-place honors for the Editorial Bown Out of Proportion, with the following comments! “This story is successful in tackling a common journalistic terrain – acknowledging a level of danger without causing unnescessary alarm.”

Current Editor/Sports Writer Ed Parsons was awarded with second-place honors as Best Sports Columnist for the submission of his column The Press Box. He received the following comments! “Only two entries……Would have helped to see a third. Ordinarily I’d put someone who entered fewer than the allotted number of columns toward the bottom of the list, but Ed’s entries fit the definition of what I like to read in a columnist more than nearly all of the other entries in this division.”

The Wetzel Chronicle advertising staff received one first place and two second-place honors.

First-place honors was given for Best Theme Pages – Retail with their submission of Spotlight on Business, with the following comments! “This is a pleasant presentation and gives the consumer/reader all they need to know about the business being highlighted.”

The Chronicle advertising staff was also given a second-place award for their Best Home Ad with the submission of Cutest Pet Photo Contest – Winner. Second Place was also awarded the advertizing staff for the Best Theme Page, with the submission of Letters to Santa, with the following comment! “A great way yo incorporate children and families alongside Businesss here. Nice job fitting in so many letters and I appreciated the attention to detail in the business ads as well.”

Wetzel Chronicle Staff Sports Writers Bruce Crawford and Ed Parsons won second-place honors for Best Sports Special Section – Editorial. This award was won with the submission of the Football Tab. It received the folloing comment! “Wealth of information in section; good quality photos for the most part.”