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P.C. Council Approves Trick-or-Treat For October 31

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Oct 14, 2020

Work has been completed at the Paden City Sewer Plant.

Paden City addressed several items on October 5, at it’s regular scheduled council meeting. Among those items considered the council by unanimous vote approved October 31, for Trick or Treat in the community from 6-7 p.m. Mayor Rick Casteel and the common council were all in agreement to allow the event and they expressed the desire for those participating to take the necessary precautions and safety measures to ensure a safe time for the children. It was decided to go with 6-7 instead of 6-7:30 since there will not be a parade this year due to COVID.

Ken Stead a member of the Paden City Development Authority opened the meeting with prayer, followed by the pledge of allegiance. Mayor Casteel called the meeting to order, with councilman Steve Kastigar absent and all other council members present and accounted for.

Under Mayor comments, Casteel said they have been busy, with a lot going on. He mentioned there is a whole new park and pool commission, who have already met and are making plans for improvements to the park and pool. He also said the city is working to fix some things that have been neglected in the past and are meeting with different agencies including the USDA and EPA.

Casteel asked for citizen comments, Paden City resident and teacher at the high school Bill Bell spoke to council about the Local School Improvement Council and the need for citizens and businesses who are interested in helping improve the schools in the community. Cork Bowen a former member of the LCIS said the goal of the committee is to attract community members, business and industry leaders and bring them together to help improve discipline, enrollment and curriculum among other things. He said his experience with the committee was positive. Bell invited all to attend their meetings which are held in the high school library on Thursday’s at 4 p.m. Mayor Casteel said he is interested and will be attending when he can.

Council on a motion from Jim Richmond and a second by Scott Dalrymple unanimously approved the payment of all bills.

Water and Street Superintendent Josh Billiter gave his departments report saying they have met with Trasher and the water project will be going out for bid soon. It was noted that some minor changes have been made in the plans, but nothing major, and the USDA is reviewing the plans now. Some of the easements which were anticipated are not needed as they will now be staying on utility right of ways.

The project however is moving along and should be going forward in the next few weeks.

The city was given permission by council on a motion from J.P. Springer and second by Bob Kendle to advertise for and hire a maintenance worker. Council on a Richmond motion and second by Aunnia Brady unanimously approved a water line replacement on North 7th Ext., Taylor Drive and Orchard Lane.

Following discussion at the September meeting, Billiter secured estimates for a new chain saw. It was noted at the previous meeting that anything priced under $1,000 would not need approval. Councilman Springer said they have found a saw which retails for $1,200, but the city can get it for $913.00. Council agreed to go ahead with the purchase.

The city is also looking to purchase a log splitter, however Councilman Springer said it’s an item that can wait until next spring. Mayor Casteel said he believes the log splitter will end up paying for itself as the city can sell firewood to the campers for $1 a log. Council tabled the issue. Another item up for discussion was the purchase of a generator/air compressor/welder to be mounted on the tool truck. Billiter said it would make it a lot easier than having to load and unload the current ones every time their needed. Mayor Casteel tabled the matter until Billiter obtains a couple quotes for the equipment.

Discussion was held on repairs needed to the tool truck which are estimated to be around $1,627. Council on a motion by Springer and second by Kendle approved the repairs.

Councilman Springer gave an update on the repairs at the sewer plant. According to Springer there is still some minor work to be completed including the gang walk, and cat walk, however he believes it should all be complete by the end of the week.

Police Chief Anthony Lauer spoke to council about new cages for the Chevy Tahoe. He said he wanted to keep looking for quotes. He felt the current quotes of $2,600 each were to expensive. He also addressed council concerning the need for three to four new cell phones for his department. Lauer said the cost of the phones amounts to $49.99 per line per month with the phones being free. Service is provided by First Net through AT&T. Mayor Casteel called for a motion to purchase the phones, however after two attempts the issue was tabled due to the lack of a motion.

Lauer also revisited the idea of transferring 911 service over to Tyler County only. He said he had spoken with both 911 directors and both gave him the same information. Richmond questioned how it would benefit the city and if it would prolong wait times to other agencies like the fire department. Councilmen Kendle and Dalyrmple both who have extensive law enforcement experience called it a safety issue. After discussing the pros and cons of the switch, Mayor Casteel established a committee to look further into it. The committee made up of Richmond, Kendle, and Dalymple will meet with the chief to come up with a solution and report back to council a the next meeting in November.

Casteel explained to council the need for new gutters on the city building. According to Casteel the ones currently used are to small. He said when it rains the water just overshoots the gutters. He said the contractor who installed them used a two inch board behind the gutter to bring them out farther, but it’s not working out to well. He added they need replace from the current six inch to an eight inch commercial gutter. On a motion by Springer and second from Richmond council unanimously approved getting estimates for the project.

Casteel gave an update on the Park and Pool. He mentioned the pool has received new fence around it, but was unsure exactly how it came about. He also spoke about the campground, restrooms and other improvements in the works. As well as a new park and pool commission.

Cork Bowen President of the PCDA gave council a report on the industrial park and the Health Department building. Bowen stated he has been meeting with the Brownfield Project group and they are working on a grant which he feels will be beneficial in allowing the PCDA to make some needed changes to their structures including doing some necessary cleanup work and roof replacement. He said he wants to see the big grant project go through so can make the property more feasible and better for the city.

Bowen presented Patrick Furbee from Morgantown an associate of the Brownfield project who is working on the grant for the PCDA. He informed council he is working to make the grant attainable. He said it is a 20 percent matching grant, but usually ends up costing nothing as it allows for ways to work off the 20 percent. He said Brownfield works closely with the USDA and EPA to make things happen. He added he will assist the PCDA in submitting the Brownsfield grant to get the remediation of the former corning glass plant now known as the Paden City Industrial Park. He said he sees this as a worthy project where they can remove portions of the current roof and get to the old kilns. He also is working closely with Bowen and the PCDA to help with cleanup.

The PCDA recently added new board members which include Lindsey Morrison, Gary Walton, Jimmy Shuler, and Keith Butcher. Shuler and Butcher were both in attendance at the meeting. The board also announced the resignation of Kenny Stead from the board due to health issues. Kenny is the son of Ken Stead a longtime member of the board. Bowen said the Authority has several tenant, renting space, and are getting camper storage for the winter. Also renting is the O.E.M. He said the reception hall is renting regularly, but they are waiting to hear from the Governor before renting the gym. The gym is normally rented out to youth leagues for basketball and is also used by the community as an indoor walking area during winter months.

Under unfinished business Mayor Casteel touched on the recently proposed one percent sales tax. He said Bev Gibb parks and recreation director for New Martinsville came down to the city building and helped Paden City get an understanding of how to fill out the application for the state. He said the ordinance is already drawn up and ready to send to the tax commissioner. Casteel called for a motion to pass the tax, which was made by Springer and seconded by Richmond.

The city also took action on holding trick or treat this year. It was agreed after a short discussion to allow residents who wish to participate to hold the event from 6-7 p.m. while taking the necessary precautions. It was also mentioned that some of the local churches would be having trunk or treat as well.

Discussion was held concerning the hiring of a new crossing guard at the intersection of Rt. 2 and VanCamp St. for the elementary school. City recorder Shelia Ervin stated they have not been able to find anyone so it should be advertised in the county papers. Richmond made the motion and Brady seconded with council voting unanimously in favor.

A motion was then made to adjourn with the next regular scheduled meeting scheduled for the first Monday in November.