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Tyler County Schools Prepared For Closure

By Leann Cochran - Staff Writer | Oct 1, 2020

The Tyler County Board of Education met on Monday, September 21. All board members were present for the meeting.

Following the approval of the previous minutes, Superintendent Shane Highley reported they had received a letter from Judge Carl thanking the board for allowing him to use the high school auditorium for Jury Selection. According to Highley, Judge Hummel has also requested the use of the auditorium for this purpose.

Highley also updated the board on the updated COVID color codes. “We’re going to continue what we do here in Tyler County. We really can’t worry about the rest of the state,” Highley said. “All in all, I feel like, as the year has started… kids are getting back into the swing of things, wearing their masks in the hallway and in classrooms when they have to… They are resilient,” Highley reported.

Highley reported Sistersville Elementary was approved for the fresh fruits and vegetables grant. According to Highley, this is a $14,000 grant. “The purpose of it is for them to try different things,” Highley said, reporting that they would get the opportunity to eat different foods and try healthy snacks.

As for virtual school, Highley said the number has dropped from 106 to 48 students participating virtually. He reported for those still enrolled in virtual school, the success of the students thus far has varied. “We have a few kids out there who haven’t logged on yet and haven’t been to school,” Highley said. “For some of them, they’re doing a good job.”

Highley also said there are major glitches from the system through the state department. “It’s not going great; it’s going okay for some kids, but I don’t think it’s from a lack of effort on our part to make sure it is a good experience for kids,” he said.

Highley reported they have had some struggles with the software that preloads the iPad with activities and work the students are to complete from home. “We don’t know what tomorrow holds as far as school goes so we have to be ready with information loaded on those iPads that kids can take home and really try not to lose a beat as far as instruction,” Highley said. “A lot of teachers already have two weeks of pre-loaded work on the iPad.”

If remote learning would last longer than two weeks, Highley said a bus would run to pick up the iPads from the student’s home, the teachers would load more information on the device, and the buses would run to drop off the iPads back with the students.

Under project updates, Highley said the softball and baseball fields can now be utilized. He reported the items left are dugouts, clean up work, the concession/bathroom facility, and the two press boxes for the baseball and softball fields.

At the bus garage, Highley said they are building the walls inside and putting the roof on. He reported the goal is to be complete by Thanksgiving. However, the project isn’t really supposed to complete until January. Highley said the old bus garage will become the maintenance department.

The following policy reviews were approved: IAE College and Dual Credit Courses and IL Organization and Instruction.

The 2020 TCHS Boys Basketball athletic schedule was also approved.

The following resignations were approved: Shanna Glover from temp position, Andrea Akers as substitute secretary, and Samantha Crowe as Social Studies Fair Coordinator at AIB.

The following employments and transfers were approved: transfer Stephanie Suter as math teacher at TCMS, transfer Bernadette Hood from bus and route #15 to bus and route #59, transfer Jim Cochran from bus and route #42 to bus and route #47, employ Kennedy Patterson as custodian at Tyler Consolidated, and employ Logann Kehrer as homebound teacher for the 2020-2021 school year.

Following the approval of the payment of the bills, the meeting was adjourned.