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New Martinsville Man Builds 9-11 Replica

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Sep 9, 2020

Twin Towers Display in recognition of 9-11 created by Russel Powell of New Martinsville.

Russell Powell a New Martinsville resident of Doolin Route, has completed a labor intensive project like none other in the area. Powell a well know brick mason from the area, set his mind on his re-creation of the Twin Towers destroyed during the plane attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York City.

Due to health issues Powell it took him five years to complete the project made out of large and heavy pieces of sandstone. The very impressive display is now visible as you drive out Doolin. It sets on a one ton piece of slab, ladened with stab-rebar and is two feet deep in the slab. The two Tower display and the adjourning Eagle each weigh 600 pounds.

Powell says he was inspired to build the erection while thinking the 9-11 tragedy during one of his many trips to the VA hospital in Clarksburg. During one trip to the hospital on Rt. 50, Powell said he noticed a statue of liberty in a yard that looked to have been hit by a vehicle. He stopped an found out the statue belonged to Thomas and Marie Reynolds who were deceased. However, the statue was still in good shape. Russell said he spoke to the couples son and inquired about purchasing the statue to add to his 9-11 Twin Towers display.

That’s when the son spoke up and said he would just give it to him if he would acknowledge his parents. Russ agreed to the request and is hoping to add the statue sometime soon in the future.

This is a very well thought out and constructed creation with many man hours of intense labor and study. Russell wife said he spent many hours just getting the right angles on each Tower. People passing by continue to stop and look at the creation, with many positive comments complimenting the quality of craftsmanship gone into the piece of work. If you want to view the memorial take a nice scenic ride five miles out Doolin from New Martinsville and look left in the Powell’s yard. You will leave leave with a feeling of patriotism and love for your country.

“Lest We Forget” designed and created by Russell Powell.