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Beefing Up Security

By Staff | Aug 19, 2020

Pictured from left to right is Tammy Satterfield, Sheriff Brian Weigle, Courthouse Security David Stoller, and Court Security Mike Huffman.

Thanks to cooperation between the county commission and the Tyler County Sheriff, the Courthouse now has an up-to-date security system which includes two full time employees and two part time employees. Entrance for all visitors to the Courthouse is located at the front of the building where one must push the entrance switch and once it’s activated they enter the first set of doors. There they must sign in and state the office they wish to visit.

They then enter the second set of doors where they are asked their nature of business and they place their belongings in a tray to go through the metal detector. Once cleared they can go about their business.

Commissioner John Stender and Sheriff Brian Weigle spoke about the system and how it works to make a safer environment for not just the employees, but everyone who happens to be in the building.

“It’s something that’s needed done for a long time, and I’m glad to see it happen. With the way things are today you just never know what could take place, so the more secure we are the better,” said Stender.

Sheriff Weigle said, “I approached the commission with the idea a while back and they were very receptive to it. Of course we needed a plan and they wanted to know about costs and everything associated with it. State Representative David Kelly and I made a trip to Doddridge County to look how they did theirs and that’s basically what we went with,” added Weigle.

“Our security personnel all have some type of police, military, or security experience. We equipped each of our security employees with uniforms and security equipment, plus they all received training as a condition of employment.”

Weigle added he believes the next step taken at the courthouse will be an X-ray machine, which he believes will provide the extra protection to make it complete. According to Weigle and Stender, future plans include building a new Magistrate office directly across the street from the present location, and it will also be fully security equipped.

“Now there is also plans to move the Prosecuting Attorney to the building next to the courthouse where the sheriff’s office used to be. It will also have security measures,” said Weigle.

There is a lot of daily activity that takes place in the county courthouses and it is always best to err on the side of caution. However, Tyler County Sheriff Weigle said he does his best to make sure he has help ready if needed. “We can be here in just a matter of minutes from our new location, and with family court and criminal court taking place routinely we want to be more than just cautious, we want to be safe and secure.”

Like everyone else I had to go through the steps to get inside for my interview with Sheriff Weigle. It’s a simple process with no hassle. It actually made me feel better once I was inside. After taking a couple pictures and talking briefly with security, I started to leave; that’s when I really knew the system was working. Deputy Satterfield spoke up loudly, but in a kind voice, after I had passed the sign in sheet, “Don’t forget to sign out!”