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Be Part Of The Solution: Lock Your Vehicles

By Staff | Aug 12, 2020

A recent vehicle theft in Sistersville has left many residents with raised eyebrows and questions in their mind. Isn’t Sistersville supposed to be a safe community where incidents like this never happen? It may be true years ago, doors could be left unlocked and valuables could be left unattended, but circumstances are changing, not only in Sistersville, but throughout the entire state. So, is Sistersville a safe place to call home? Chief of Police Rob Haught says there are steps that residents should be taking to make it safer.

The most important one, Haught says, is to lock vehicles and houses while they are unattended and over night. Leaving vehicles unlocked, especially with valuables such as firearms, purses, and keys in sight, make it more tempting for an intruder to steal these items.

According to Haught, simply locking the vehicles is enough to deter most thefts from happening, as recent events show no cars have actually been broken into. Instead, these vehicles have been left unlocked making them easy targets for someone to enter quickly and quietly, perhaps without anyone noticing.

If simply locking houses, vehicles, and possessions is not enough to ease one’s mind, Haught suggests motion lights also help keep suspicious activity to a minimum. These lights, often mounted on houses or near driveways, automatically activate when they sense movement in the area.

Investing in good quality security cameras is also an option. Haught says these systems have aided with solving crimes on more than one occasion, and can often lead law enforcement to people of interest.

Haught says, “If you see something, say something.” It’s important law enforcement is made aware of suspcious activity, and according to Haught, the best way to notify an officer is to contact dispatch. “It doesn’t always work to call the office at the City Building,” Haught said, noting that after hours officers are on patrol and rarely in the office.

Haught reported there hasn’t really been a uptick in criminal activity, however when a crime takes place that rarely happens in a community such as this, it becomes an oddity. Haught says it is important for residents to make sure they are taking responsibility for their property by ensuring vehicles, homes, and valuables are locked safely away.

Perhaps by taking these steps, residents could help aide Sistersville’s low crime rate to fall even lower throughout the coming years.