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Tyler County Commission Approve Items in Meeting

By Staff | Aug 5, 2020


Staff Writer

The Tyler County Commission held a regular meeting on July 28 to discuss items including a new hire at the E-911 Center and approving grants. Following the approval of the previous minutes, exonerations, and the fiduciary report, the commissioners addressed the first item on the agenda.

E-911 Director Josh Fulks approached Commission with the request of approval to hire Daniel Grimm as a dispatcher. A motion was quickly made and carried in favor of this hire.

Fulks also informed the commissioners that a donation had already been made to Mountaineer Bee Keepers Association by an individual. He reproted that $100 and equipment was donated, totaling to about $300. Because of this, Fulks said the Commision didn’t have to make a donation as well.

However, a motion was made to reimburse the aforementioned individual for their donation. The motion was carried.

In addition to these matters, Fulks told all in attendance that the air conditioner had gone bad in the Sistersville tower, and that the unit had been replaced.

Following this, Tom Cooper, Director of the Office of Emergency Management, spoke to Commission about an exchange of boats with the City of Marietta.

Cooper explained that Marietta had received a quarter of a million dollar grant for the purchase of a large boat; however, it was said they don’t want it. It was proposed that, because Tyler County was eligible for that funding and therefore to receive the boat, Marietta’s boat be exchanged for a jon boat.

Cooper told Commission that it was an “amazing boat” and that a machine like that was needed on the river. The boat – which was designed as a police boat – only has 30 hours of use on it. If exchanged to Tyler County, Cooper says it will be used for emergency management, but can also be used by law enforcement.

In regards to the exchange, Cooper said he does not want to give away the jon boat they currently have, and said that he might look into finding a small boat to exchange.

Cooper also informed the county commission that he had gotten permission through the port security to receive it, but that permissions to transfer were still being worked on in Marietta.

The Emergency Management Director assured the commissioners that he wasn’t asking for anything, but simply letting them know of an oppurtunity that came up. He said that, with their blessing, he would pursue the exchange.

A motion was made and quickly carried in favor of Cooper pursuing this matter.

The OEM Director went on to discuss the Sistersville General Hospital’s phone grant, telling commissioners that the high quote was $85,000. He explained that they have received a verbal approval of the price with the assurance that it will be paid. When Cooper requested a letter stating that they were awarded this amount, he was reportedly informed that it was not a grant but a reimbursement. He was then told to move forward with the project.

However, Cooper explained that he’s uncomfortable with this arrangement and asked if Commission would back them up just in case this reimbursement fell through.

While on this subject, the OEM Director also mentioned the security issue at the hospital, saying that it needs fixed right away. Although the commission had planned to use the money they received for COVID-19, Cooper asked that they hold onto that money and let him cover this through funding as it ties into the phone system.

In addition to that, SGH was requesting a breathing apparatus, which Cooper said he could also get funding for.

Cooper was requesting approval to move forward in getting the phone, security, and breathing apparatus with the knowledge that the county commission would back them up if something went wrong. This request was granted.

Following this, Cooper told all in attendance that he has PPE available, and if an organization is in need of this to contact him. However, he reported that he has a limited amount.

In other business, commission gave approval to re-appoint Eric Peters to Rt. 2/I-68 Authority.

Kathy Seago was also present at the meeting to discuss the Tyler County Home Memorial. She explained that while she knows they put in the bill, she wasn’t sure if it had been approved. Seago was asking as, moving forward with the project, she would need the tax exempt card.

Commission members assured her that the bill had been approved, and said they’d provide her with the tax slip after the meeting. Commissioner Mike Smith also addressed Seago, telling her that he is waiting for the Fair Board to get back with him in regards to the project.

While taking public comments, Tyler County Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee informed council that discovery production was being conducted in regards to the opioid lawsuit, and a conclusion will be made at the end of the week. He requested approval from the commission to sign on their behalf. A motion was made and quickly granted in favor of this.

Following approval of the budget revisions and the bills, the meeting was adjourned.