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Wilson Needs Signatures To Be Placed on Ballot

By Staff | Jul 15, 2020

Wilson visited the Bankerás Corner Coffee Shop in Sistersville on July 7 to speak with residents of the county.

It’s true that the government has been consumed with taking measures to keep the public safe during pandemic. Most recently, Governor Jim Justice mandated masks must be worn in social settings where individuals are not capable to social distance, but what else has Justice been up to during this time of uncertainty for business owners trying to make ends meet, blue-collar workers looking for jobs, high school athletes biting at the bit to continue their careers, and children hoping to continue education in a classroom this Fall? According to Independent Candidate for Governor Marshall Wilson, Jim Justice has been digging himself a hole that he will be unable to recover from before November.

Wilson currently serves on the House of Delegates for District 60 as the only Independent in West Virginia Legislature, although 25 percent of voters in the state are not members of the two major parties. As a resident of Berkeley County, he’s a father of nine kids, two of whom he adopted at birth. He and his wife, Julie, are both Veteran Military Officers and Wilson is an ordained Southern Baptist minister.

As many may have noticed, Wilson’s name did not appear on the ballot for the primary election. He announced his candidacy for Governor after the Primary Election results were released, and he stated he was disappointed in these results. For this reason, he is faced with the task of gathering 7,200 signatures in order to get his name on the ballot this Fall. He has spent much of his time knocking on doors and speaking with residents of West Virginia in hopes to fill the petition.

After speaking with Wilson, it became clear he feels the only valid reason for any government to exist is to “uphold and defend the individual natural rights of each citizen.” He stated he feels this is not being done by the current Governor, nor does he have faith any other candidates have this belief in the forefront of their minds. For this reason, he believes it has created the perfect storm for him to win the election.

Wilson briefly spoke about the issues the state is facing with the Coronavirus crisis, saying he feels schools need to reopen with protective measures in place. According to Wilson, he thinks the expectation to prevent people from coming in contact with the illness is a false hope.

While on the topic of reopening schools, he also touched on a major point that he as a Governor would like to see happen in the state. Wilson says he would like to decentralize the control throughout the school system. He feels teachers should be in control of the classroom.

Wilson also feels if a law does not have a constitutional foundation it should not be a law.

He says it is important that the government stop making laws that are not constitutionally founded. Next, he says, the government needs to execute and prosecute the laws that do exist. And last, he said, there need to be

real penalties for those that are convicted of offenses.

He mentions that some have in their minds to reform these criminals, when in reality, it is not at all about reformation.

Those that offend the law, need to be served justice, he says. According to Wilson, he feels there should be no pleas or compassion within the Court system. He believes each case should be tried on it’s own merits and plea agreements should not occur.

“We absolutely should be having trials in the courtrooms. Many times people are sentenced through plea agreements, even when they are totally innocent because trumped up charges could lead to longer and stiffer sentences if a trial would find them guilty. And it works the other way also. Guilty people are often released early or given reduced sentences by plea bargaining,” he added.

Wilson is still rallying to collect the appropriate amount of signatures to get himself on the General Election ballot. If you would like to learn more about Wilson’s campaign, you may visit www.marshallforwv.com or visit his page on Facebook at Marshall for WV.