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Sistersville 4th of July Celebration

By Staff | Jul 8, 2020

The spectacular fireworks lit up the night sky as hundreds of people watched from the streets of Sistersville.

The streets of Sistersville were lined with spectators on July 5, anxiously awaiting the annual grand firework show held by the Sistersville Planning Commission each year. The planning commission fundraises for the show throughout the year, and people drive miles to witness the event.

According to co-chairman Barbara Vincent, the event started as a small celebration in town over thirty years ago. She and Carmen Silliman were permanently appointed as co-chairman to organize the event. As the celebration grew, it was moved to the park to accommodate more people. Vincent says this year marks the 24th year the fireworks have lit up the night sky. They spent a total of $7,950 on the event. Vincent was very pleased with the outcome of the event as a whole.

In order to make the celebration possible, funds are raised throughout the year to help sponsor the firework show. For those interested in continuing the 24 year tradition, donations can be mailed to PO Box 46 or dropped off at the Tyler Star News Office.