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County Camp Canceled for 2020

By Staff | Jul 1, 2020

The Tyler County Commission met on Tuesday, June 23 to discuss moving forward with the County Home Memorial, the Gold Star Living Memorial, as well as the hiring of four Courthouse Security Officers. President John Stender, Vice-President Michael Smith, and Commissioner Eric Vincent were in attendance.

The meeting began with the approval of the previous minutes, exonerations, and the fiduciary report. Kathy Seago, a representative of the Tyler County Action Group, presented the Commission with an invoice for the Granite intended to be used for the County Home Memorial. The slab, Seago reported, will be shipped out of India and transit is expected to take at least four months. The total cost for the Granite is $3,636.00, according to Seago, and she reports once arriving it will be engraved by Myers and erected at the site of the memorial in the Spring.

Cathy Post was present at the meeting representing the American Legion. Post gave an update on the Gold Star Living Memorial placement, and reported she had met previously with Commissioner Smith at the fairgrounds to decide the best fit. Post reported they had chosen a different location than previously discussed.

This new location, Post reports, has a nice swell for a Gazebo, will be more easily accessible for visitors, and will also be easier to see when passing by on the highway. She concluded this area would have plenty of room for the Freedom Oaks, which according to Post, are direct descendants of acorns sent by the French as a thank you gift to the United States.

“There is a little question of a property line, unfortunately,” Smith said. He moved to table the item until the property lines can be researched and the item can be discussed with all people involved. The motion carried unanimously.

Smith then gave an update on a recent Tyler County Public Service District meeting that was held. He reported improvements to the water project are underway.

Also, according to Smith, Sistersville has purchased the property for the booster station that will be used to help bring water from Friendly to Sistersville, and the optimistic completion date is said to be next Summer.

Commissioner Smith also gave an update on the recent TCDA meeting. Smith reported the Jug project is still on delay, however Senator Clements is reported to have sent a letter requesting the project be pushed forward. Smith then said the purchase of Sistersville Hospital fell through and the local hospital will not be purchased by Wheeling Hospital.

Next on the agenda was to approve the signature of Eric Vincent on the Program Income Report for the Tyler County Broadband Grant. The motion quickly carried.

The Commission then approved an estimate from GH Services on the demolition of the building on the Wagner Property. The County recently purchased this property with the intent of building a new Magistrate Office in it’s place. The estimate for the work was $13,000, and was unanimously approved.

Todd Strickler was reappointed to the Northern Panhandle Workforce Investment Board, and William Roberts was reappointed to the WV Solid Waste Management Board.

Sheriff Weigle presented the Commission with the individuals he had hired for the Courthouse security positions. He had suggested David Stoller and Mark Roberts for the full-time positions, and Terry Weekley and Mike Huffman for the part-time positions. Weigle reported they will have to go through training and will need to acquire uniforms before they begin.

President Stender announced due to COVID-19, they have decided to ere on the side of caution and cancel the County Camp this year. Hopefully, Stender said, the camp will resume in 2021.

Following the approval of the budget revisions and the bills, the meeting was adjourned.