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Tyler County Schools Issues Re-Entry Update

By Staff | Jun 24, 2020

On Friday, June 19, Superintendent Shane Highley released the following update regarding the re-entry to schools in August:

All students will be provided cloth masks to wear when riding buses to and from school; there will be disposable masks available to students who forget their masks.

All buses will be cleaned after each run.

To eliminate crowds, students will go directly to their homeroom, first period, or classroom.

Students will properly wash hands multiple times a day; extra hand-washing breaks will be given throughout the day.

In our elementary schools, desks and play areas will be cleaned multiple times daily. In the middle and high school, desks will be cleaned between each class. Bathroom cleanliness will be a priority.

Classes will have dedicated areas to eat lunch.

We will be limiting visitors into our schools. We will be utilizing outdoor areas as much as possible for classes when appropriate. Classrooms will be set up to maximize social distancing for students. Each school will have a sickroom and well room for our nurses to utilize for students. Staff will have daily temperature checks and screenings.

At the middle and high school, stairwells will be designated as an “up” stairwell or a “down” stairwell. Staff will be in hallways during transitions to remind students of social distancing.

Staggered outside recess for our elementary students. We will provide staff, students, and parents training needed on self-care, signs of sickness, and hand-washing.

As we are given more information on any guidelines, we will make sure we communicate what that looks like for our students here in Tyler County Schools.