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Middlebourne Holds Flag Retirement Ceremony

By Staff | Jun 24, 2020
The American Legion, Tyler County Unit 48, held a flag retirement ceremony on Tuesday, June 16.

A flag retirement ceremony was recently held in Middlebourne on Tuesday, June 16, following Flag Day.

Cathy Post of the American Legion Auxiliary, Tyler County Unit 48, opened the ceremony by explaining the purpose of this ritual.

Post said that a major program of the American Legion is to observe Americanism, and one such duty of this program is to observe the proper respect for the flag of our country and pay it the proper courtesy.

She explained that it is proper that flags which appear to be worn and unusable to be properly destroyed. The approved method of the American Legion is that the unserviceable flags be destroyed by burning.

Following this explanation, the American Legion had two young volunteers submit the flags for inspection. Once deemed unserviceable, the volunteers as well as members of the American Legion followed this approved method, and properly destroyed the flags.