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Sistersville Fireworks To Be Held at City Park July 5

By Staff | Jun 17, 2020

Joseph Ledergerber was sworn in as an officer to the Sistersville Police Department at the June 8 meeting.

The Sistersville City Council met on Monday, June 8. The meeting began with the approval of the previous minutes and bills.

Barbara Vincent, on behalf of the Sistersville Planning Commission, reported they are planning to hold the fireworks at the Sistersville City Park on July 5. While they are planning to have entertainment, she reported there will be no food or concessions. Vincent also said the Planning Commission is hoping to have a Fall clean-up in September.

Under Park and Pool, it has been decided to not open the pool this year. It was reported this time would be used to get the park up to speed and making it look good for next year. The park has been reopened after the Governor lifted the restrictions. However, according to Mayor Rice, signs will be posted saying the park is not COVID-19 compliant.

Moving forward to department head reports, Jason Rice gave a report on the water department. Rice reported the pump that was approved at the last meeting should arrive by the end of the month. Rice reported the CSO inspection came back and everything was satisfactory. However there are a few updates and changes that Rice said will be made.

Chief of Police, Rob Haught, was the next to give an update. He reported the two new officers are doing well and the academy is beginning to open back up. He also reported an individual had come to Haught requesting he ask permission for him to bring the logger out Timber Ridge Road, as he was going to be timbering a portion of the area. The council discussed the condition of the road and suggested sitting down with the individual to discuss the concerns and possibly having them help monetarily to pave the road.

The city had received a $250,000 grant for phase two of the Street Scape Project. Rice reported it shouldn’t be long before the first phase of the project is started.

Rice also reported the city now owns the property for the booster station. “That is a great big thing that takes a weight off my shoulders,” said Rice.

Next, the Council discussed the City Building renovations. At the previous meeting, it was reported there is a leak in the roof and it needs to be replaced. However, it needs to be done in compliance with the Historical Society. Rice reported he estimated a new roof would cost around $30,000.

Mayor Rice then swore in Joseph Ledergerber as a new officer on the Sistersville Police Department.

The member renewals of Barbara Vincent and Carolyn Sterns to the Sistersville Planning Commission and Sistersville Urban Renewal Authority was approved.

The meeting then discussed the tentative opening of the Ferry on July 2. Reportedly, mechanical issues are being addressed so the Ferry will be up and running by that date.

Following a motion to discuss personnel, the meeting entered into an executive session. Following this, the meeting was adjourned.