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PCE Undetectable

By Staff | Jun 10, 2020

The water stripper in Paden City reportedly went on line beginning May 8.

Following months of uncertainty, Paden City Water Department reported on May 28 they had received a result of no detection of PCE in the water. This negative detection, however, comes after months of hard work and thousands of dollars spent to ensure the safety of the water source.

According to Josh Billiter from the Paden City Water Department, the stripper went on line on May 8, and – seeing how there is no longer detectable PCE – has proven to be quite effective.

The PCE levels are currently being monitored monthly. However, if there continues to be no detection, it may later be relaxed to quarterly testing. The frequency of testing is mandated by the state, according to Billiter. The results of the testing will continue to be posted on the water bills, as well as on the Paden City Water Department’s Facebook page.

“It was in excess of $500,000 dollars and took roughly two and a half months of construction to complete it,” says Billiter, concerning the new water stripper. A switch has already needed to be upgraded due to the large operating capacity, Billiter reported.

Billiter also reported the stripper has changed the entire treatment process, resulting in the reevaluation of the PH levels and chlorine feed. Due to the addition of a new treatment process, they are required to do lead and copper tests again. He reported they have 30 lead and copper tests that need to be completed by the end of July.

Billiter also reported the engineering firm is looking into how long the stripper is expected to be effective.